Mel M. Metcalfe III – Portia de Rossi’s ex-husband And Hit Film Producer

Mel M. Metcalfe iii is a well-known American movie producer popularly known as Portia de Rossi’s ex-husband. He is also an actor whose net worth is $2 million, which still ranges far out.

Who is Mel M. Metcalfe III?

Mel M. Metcalfe iii has carved a good block for himself in the American entertainment industry with a good depth of career in movie production, acting, and even some photography roles.  He is known for his creative hands in movies like Holiday on the Moon (1994), Memorial (1995), and The Art of the Doll Maker (1999). He has worked with brands including J-Cut Films and is famous in Hollywood’s camera and electrical department. Mel Metcalfe also works as a photographer on the sidelines of sporting activities such as football or car races.

The producing geek has left a mark on the film industry’s creative and production aspects of American entertainment. His mind through movies goes beyond the regular movie role, and he can switch excellently in cinema.  The star hit Holiday on the Moon, released in 1994, brought him out to the spot. 

Mel M. Metcalfe iii
Mel’s pose for a shoot after a scene. ( Credit: Bitcois)

The movie portrayed his commitment and engaged viewers’ minds on their screens, making it look so much like an addiction.  Mel, the third, brought another mind-blowing movie the following year with the title Memorial. This film caught the eyes of the cinema, raising views, hitting comments, and even criticism, which still made it seem the movie went above the bar, portraying him to be a mind-geek of a producer. 

The Art of the Doll Maker (1999) is another work that shows his presence in the industry. Most of his movies clearly stated his strength in telling stories through the cinema. 

His Professional Career

Acting and producing movies took Mel M. Metcalfe iii from a random young man to a mind lord, producer, and even an actor. This has made it obvious that he’s hell-bent on writing his name on the sands of time. 

This all started when he was still a child, paying much attention to movies and writing scripts. His high school life began at 16, which was the beginning of his formal education. After that, Mel then went for a degree from a public University. This was the beginning of his steps into the movie world. 

Mel M. Metcalfe iii Professional Career
The producer, Mel, during one of his travels. ( Credit: Celebsgraphy)

Mel started his journey officially in 1981, although he first focused on the music department. Starting with his first job as a music mixer brought eyes to his talents. Then, it took him a step further, beginning with a scene in an action crime film. The movie An Eye for an Eye took another shocker and exposed him further to the world with movie music elements, giving him room for higher movies.

Some of his other projects were They All Laughed, Fire on the Mountain, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and The Beastmaster. His appearance and production of these movies didn’t portray his strength when it came to film being widely produced. His diligence in making high-rated movies clearly showed his zeal to go far in the world of successfully rated movies. 

Mel M. Metcalfe iii’s Love Life

Mel M. Metcalfe iii’s Love Life
Mel’s former wife, Portia De Rossi, at an event. ( Credit: IMDb)

The American star producer was married to Portia de Rossi (Portia Lee James). They tied the knot in 1996. Sadly, due to challenges, their union didn’t stand the test of time. This made them separate in 1999.

Mel has found love again, as he was in a committed relationship with Renee Kappos. They are now happily married. Portia de Rossi has moved on, and in 2008, she married Ellen DeGeneres.

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Mel M. Metcalfe iii Net Worth

Mel, an American Producer, has a raving net worth of $2 million. He has worked in the sound department for more than 160 departments. The movies include Star Trek IV, Fatal Attraction, Beauty and the Beast, Father of the Bride, and others, which have reached the top and carved his name deeper in the sands of time. 

His Achievements in The Movie World

1999 was the year that started Metcalfe’s first steps in the American movie world. This started with his focus on directing, and his debut in this capacity was with the documentary film ‘The Art of the Doll Maker,’ a project he also took on as a producer.

Mel M. Metcalfe iii also delved into producing by working on an episode of the TV newsmagazine series California Connected, which was broadcast on the PBS network in 2003. This marked his involvement in the television production realm. Four years later, Mel contributed to the entertainment industry as a producer. He also took on the role of a cinematographer in the TV documentary sports series ‘Who Made You?’ in 2008.

His Achievements in The Movie World

His diverse talents and expertise allowed him to be part of the entertainment world. Mx3’s skills go beyond the screen, as he lent his talents to the Golden Globe-winning drama ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’ His involvement in this project earned him his first Primetime Emmy Award, showcasing his mastery in the field. In 1985, Metcalfe III received his second Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the TV miniseries Space,  further solidifying his reputation as a talented and award-winning professional in the industry.

The producing geek got awards for some hit block movies in his prime. The Terminator, That’s Life!, Hoosiers, and Trek IV: The Voyage Home gave him much recognition and a no-stained name.  Critics could have been said to have gotten a better part of him, but it still didn’t change the margin reach of success. He even appeared in the horror thriller ‘Masque of the Red Death.’

‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Aladdin’ are two other debut hits with Mel’s marks highly printed on them, and they also got high ratings. The movies earned him two Oscar nominations in 1992 and 1993 due to his unique talents. 

In 1994, Mel M. Metcalfe iii got a BAFTA nomination, a double reward after the Oscar nominations. This came from his work on Disney Land’s ‘Lion King.’ It became a plus by making him huge in the industry and placing him in the spotlight. His zeal for success in movie production and directing and life in cinematography and animation paid off with not just anything. 

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