Melissa Heholt Biography, Children, Husband, Age, Net worth

Who is Melissa Heholt?

Melissa Heholt, J Cole’s wife, is a professional event planner, manager, and executive director of a non-profit organization owned by her husband and named the Dreamville Foundation. When talking about the wife of famous rapper J. Cole, the only woman who comes to mind is Melissa Holt.

In this post, I will write about Melissa Heholt biography, children, husband, age, net worth, and other facts about her. Though I have additional detailed information about Melissa Heholt before the review, here is vital information related to her profile summary about all you need to know about Melissa Heholt. 

Profile Summary

Name Melissa Heholt 
Date of birth 10th October 1987
Age36 years
Occupation Event manager 
Nationality  American 
Zodiac sign Libra
Birthplace New York, America 
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Marital statusMarried 
Spouse Jermaine Lamarr Cole
HobbiesCooking, shopping, and reading
Net worth $700,000
Facebook Nil

Melissa Heholt Biography

Melissa Holt was born in the United States of America on October 10, 1987. She’s an African American that is based in America. 

I found no information about her parents, but I could gather that they spent most of their time in New Jersey with her three younger siblings.

Melissa Heholt Birthday, Age

Melissa Heholt was born on October 10, 1987, and as of the time of writing this article, she is 36 years old.

Melissa Heholt Career

Immediately after Melissa Heholt graduated, she made efforts to apply for different jobs that couldn’t pay her bills. Therefore, she decided to obtain a master’s degree in elementary education. 

Melissa always finds joy when she sees children, and she decided to go for a teaching job to teach children, but she later lost interest and decided to resign. 

Melissa found pleasure in planning and managing events and decided to join an event management company called Makini Regal Design, where she worked as an apprentice for some time. She was able to gain a lot of experience and become an expert.

Melissa later decided to start her own business, Statice Events, where she managed and planned different events. During an interview with The Kwak team, Melissa disclosed that she did so well interning for Team Epiphany, a lifestyle and marketing agency, that after 2 months, she was employed as a freelancer for the company. According to her, it didn’t take much time for this experience to reassure her of the fundamental skills she already possesses to be thriving in Event planning. It has allowed freed her of her fear and uncertainty in starting her own event planning company. Speaking on the impulse behind the name “Statice Events”, Melissa revealed that it is a play on words of “status”, but it also is a type of flower that means success.

Her husband also owns a charity organization known as Dreamville, established in 2011, and he made her the organization’s executive director. The company based in Fayetteville, NC, was created to motivate the younger generation.

The organization is focused on ensuring that youth can exhibit and utilize their potential positively. It is based in North Carolina.

Melissa Heholt Spouse

Melissa’s husband is known to his fans as “J Cole,” but his real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole.

He is an American singer and rapper, and he released his debut music some years ago, precisely in 2007. He started having a passion for music when he was a teenager and had been writing songs and lyrics for a long time. J. Cole has also worked with other famous singers and rappers like Jayz, Wale, and Drake. Two years later, he made his second mixtape. J. Cole is worth over 60 million dollars and has been living with his two boys and wife.

Some of his albums have made him a hundred thousand dollars. For instance, his album titled “My Life” made 214,000 dollars, Amari made 193,000, and Pride is the Devil made over $185,000. The successes of these albums added to his net worth.

Melissa Heholt Education 

Melissa was a student of Molly High School, where she completed her high school. She attended a private school, and immediately after finishing high school, she applied for a teaching job and became a teacher. 

She decided To go further and choose a business course instead of a teaching course. She later felt that the teaching job wouldn’t be able to pay her bills as expected, and she’s headed to apply for a degree program at Saint John’s University.

Before doing this, she settled for a bachelor’s degree in health administration, and at different times, Melissa changed her discipline.

Melissa Heholt Social Media Handles

I have not been able to verify any information about Melissa Heholt’s social media handles, and she has yet to give us details of her online account officially. As we all know, she has decided to keep her life private, so this information is not easy to access, except she decides to reveal it to the public.

Melissa Heholt Net worth 

Melissa Heholt has earned quite a considerable amount of money through her event management business and has an estimated net worth of over $700,000. We were able to verify this information from reliable sources.

Melissa Heholt Occupation

Melissa Heholt is a multi-talented woman; we can call her a mother to J. Cole’s children, a former teacher and executive director, and the CEO of an event planning company.

Melissa Heholt Relationship 

Melissa and J. Cole crossed paths while pursuing their degrees at Saint John’s University in New York. While she was pursuing a degree, he was also trying to obtain a degree in communication and business.

After a while of knowing each other, J. Cole and Melissa entered a relationship. After dating, they decided to upgrade their relationship, and then they decided to get married and tie the knot.

Even though the celebrity couple kept their life off social media, we do not have the exact date of their wedding except for the fact that in 2016 they revealed their marriage during an interview with Ryan Coogler, who is a director.

They are both blessed with two boys, and they’ve decided to keep the lives of the children private. Their first was on December 8, 2016, and the second child was born in 2019.

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