Where Are Mootellthat And Tiko After Their Breakup?

Moontellthat and Tiko were the best compatible duo on Tiktok, creating one of the most entertaining family content on Tiktok since 2020 until they split on October 18, 2023.

Their separation shocked fans of the duo as they have been together since 2020, during the lockdown – the same time they became famous.

Where are Tiko and Moontellthat (Oanh Moon Nguyen) Now?

Following their split in October 2023, their video sharing showed a noticeable change. They no longer exclusively uploaded videos on Moontellthat’s account, as was the practice during their collaboration.

Tiko has since redirected his creative output to his TikTok account, where he has amassed an impressive following of over two hundred thousand followers. On the other hand, Moontellthat has continued to maintain her substantial audience, with over fifteen million followers on her account.

What type of content do they create now?

Moontellthat continues to produce engaging family-oriented videos featuring her parents and younger brother, maintaining the same wholesome content style that she was known for during her collaboration with Tiko.

Despite Tiko’s absence in her recent videos, fans have gradually adapted to the change, though inquiries about Tiko persist in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Tiko has embarked on a transformative journey in content creation, focusing on his faith and self-improvement.

His bio proudly reads “Faith | Comedy | Stream,” “Jesus Is King 🙌” and “Live Stream Daily.”

Presently, his content predominantly revolves around self-improvement and delivering faith-based messages.

Tiko’s fans have welcomed this change.

Expressing support and admiration for the new direction in one of his new videos, a follower, @fclas0815, says, “I don’t know, but this new Tiko gives me peace!!”

Another supporter, @jchick68, expresses gratitude, stating, “This is a side of you we were all waiting for… thank you for being you!!”

In addition to his faith-based content, Tiko seamlessly integrates fun family videos into his content, featuring his mom (an Indiana born in India) and his sister.

Why Did Tiko And Moontellthat Separate?

Tiko and Moontellthat chose to keep the details of their separation private, leaving fans speculating about the reasons behind their split.

However, an analysis of their current endeavors and the type of content they now produce suggests a gradual divergence in their interests.

Tiko has shifted his focus towards crafting videos centered on faith, gospel, and self-improvement, signaling a desire for a different creative direction.

On the other hand, Moontellthat has continued creating content that revolves around family, entertainment, and lifestyle.

While it is not certain that religious differences played a role in their separation, it remains a plausible factor to consider, given Tiko’s emphasis on faith-related content.

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