All NBA YoungBoy’s Children & Baby Mamas

NBA YoungBoy’s Children

NBA YoungBoy takes pride in all his children, seeing them individually as his source of joy. Below is a simple table of NBA YoungBoy’s children; their ages, mothers, gender, and date of birth.

NameAgeGenderDate of BirthMom
Kayden Gaulden7 years oldMaleJuly 4, 2016Nisha Keller
Kamron Gaulden (not biological)7 years oldMaleJuly 19, 2016Starr Dejanee
Taylin Gaulden6 years oldMaleMarch 19, 2017Nia
Kamiri Gaulden6 years oldMaleJuly 6, 2017Starr Dejanee
Kacey Alexander Gaulden5 years oldMaleFebruary 13, 2019Jania Bania
Armani Gaulden3 years oldFemaleJune 9, 2020Nisha Keller
Kodi Capri Gaulden3 years oldFemaleNovember 6, 2020Drea Symone
Kentrell Gaulden Jr.3 years oldMaleJanuary 9, 2021Iyanna Mayweather
Alice Nora Gaulden3 years oldFemale2021Jazlyn Mychelle
Klemenza Tru Gaulden1 year oldMaleSeptember 2022Jazlyn Mychelle
*not yet revealed to the public2 years oldApril 2023Drew Valentina

Note: This list is incomplete because NBA YoungBoy has other baby mamas and children yet to be known. On June 24, 2023, Nicolette Gotti, sister of John Gotti III, revealed that NBA YoungBoy has twelve different baby mamas; so far, we have nine names.

NBA YoungBoy’s Baby Mamas

NBA YoungBoy has an expansive family tree. Aside from his father, mother, and grandparents, he has other women in his life who gave birth to his children; they are;

  1. Drew Valentine: mother of NBA YoungBoy’s youngest sibling, born in the year 2023
  2. Nisha Keller: The mother of NBA YoungBoy’s eldest daughter, she was 14 when she entered a relationship with Kentrell Gaulden. He was born on July 4, 2016, and Armani Gaulden was born in 2020 after Nisha reunited with NBA YoungBoy.
  3. Starr Dejanee, aka Starr Thigpen: She is the mother of Kamari and Kameron; she had tried to get child support from Kentrell by forcing a DNA test on him. However, things backfired after it was discovered that Kameron was not Kentrell’s son; nonetheless, NBA Youngboy agreed to father the child as his own.
  4. Nia: The Mother of Taylin Gaulden (born on March 9, 2017).
  5. Drea Symone: Mother of Kodi Capri.
  6. Lapattra Lashai Jacobs: Her child with NBA YoungBoy is unknown. She was in a relationship with the rapper in 2020 and got into a fight in Yaya. Yaya allegedly terminated her pregnancy for NBA’s son.
  7. Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes: Mother of Love Alice Gaulden and Klemenza Tru. NBA YoungBoy officially got married to her on January 7, 2023.
  8. Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather: Popularly known as the daughter of Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and mother of Kentrell Jr.
  9. Arcola: Mother of Kael Gaulden. She has a fallout with NBA YoungBoy, claiming that the rapper kicked their 1-year-old son Kaell out of the Airbnb he was staying at during a visit to Utah.

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