Kacey Alexander Gaulden – NBA YoungBoy’s Third Biological Son

Kacey Alexander Gaulden is among the many children of American rapper NBA YoungBoy. He is the third biological child and son of the rapper, but the fifth in order because NBA YoungBoy adopted a child born by one of his baby mamas, Starr Dejanee. Kacey and his elder step-brother, Kamiri Gaulden, have credits for a 2021 song titled “There Goes Dada,” featuring their father.

Kacey comes from a family influenced by street violence, absentee fathers, rap music, and black culture. His grandfather is serving a 55 years sentence, and his father, Kentrell Desean Gaulden, was an ex-convict.

Kacey’s family history, though not ideal, has given him room to grow and hope for a better future. He appeared in Kacey Talk, a song his father dedicated to him.

Suppose you are a fan of GTA San Andres. In that case, you’d find Kacey’s bio familiarly interesting as it assumes the rhetorics of a family line racing from the darkest part of history down to a future with moments of bliss.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden with his father

Regardless of NBA Youngboy’s past, his undertaking in past times did not take a toll on his future or his children’s future. He has been able to father eleven children from eight different women – one more is on the way – and he is only 24 years old. Among NBA Youngboy’s children is the third child Kacey Alexander Gaulden – and here is all you need to know about Kacey.

Profile Summary

NameKacey Alexander Gaulden
Age5 years old
Date of birthFebruary 13, 2019
ParentsKentrell Desean Gaulden (NBA YoungBoy) and Jania Meshell Bania
SiblingsSee all his siblings here
Net worthN/A

Kacey Alexander Gaulden Biography

Kacey Alexander Gaulden was born at the height of his father’s career on February 13, 2019. His parents; Kentrell Desean Gaulden, Rapper and songwriter, and his partner Jania Meshell Bania; Instagram star and influencer, are separated. Though they were never legally married, the pair had only dated for the first half of 2018 before calling it quits. However, staying together for a few months was enough to have a child.

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Kacey Alexander Gaulden

The entire process that constituted Kacey’s birth was recorded from conception to the day of delivery. Kacey, even before birth, had already become a celebrity. He is 5 years old. Like other celebrity kids such as Ysabel Jordan and Aalam Khaled, Kacey is already enjoying celebrity status like his father’s influence in the music industry gave him.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden Father

Kacey was born into a typical African-American family by Kentrell Desean Gaulden and Jania Meshell Bania. His father had lived a life bent on the art of making music and couldn’t be stopped from making hit songs. Kentrell was born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. He had lived his entire childhood without the soft influence of his mother. His father was incarcerated under Louisianan Law for 55 years; the only guidance he had to live was given to him by his Grandmother, Sherhonda Gaulden.

NBA YoungBoy - Kentrell Desean Gaulden - Kacey's father
NBA YoungBoy – Kentrell Desean Gaulden – Kacey’s father

Growing up for Kentrell was rough; unlike Kacey, he wasn’t born into a life of flamboyancy and fame. Instead, he was subjected to abject poverty. He lived in a single apartment and turned to a life of petty robbery and gang violence to survive. Though possessing self-destructive tendencies, Kentrell had soon sprouted a viable means to an end to keep his head above water. He turned to music and ended his academic journey in the ninth grade. However, climbing the ladder of success had proven difficult for Kentrell. He was soon arrested for robbery and sentenced to serve his term in Tallulah, Louisiana, USA.

Kentrell would find salvation in the oddest place; his imprisonment had served more as a blessing than a curse. He began writing lyrics for his first hit singles while serving his term in jail. Once cleared of all his charges, Kentrell returned only to find shortly after that his grandmother had passed away after giving in to heart failure.

With his father Serving a seemingly endless jail term and his grandmother deceased, Kentrell was forced to reside with a friend and fellow aspiring rapper OG 3Three. They both lived off Lancery, Pilfering and grand theft auto to foot their bills and pay for studio sessions.

Kentrell saw the light at the end of the tunnel in 2015. He had gone all in, burning on all gas cylinders with his first mixtape, “life before fame” he had recorded that tape with a mic he purchased from Walmart, and shortly after his first song sailed, he released several others, the likes of “Mind of a Menace,” and “Mind of a Menace 2”. Though coming in hot, Kentrell only had his breakthrough after releasing “38 Baby”. He had made the mixtape with the help of Boosie Badazz, Kevin Gates, and a couple of others in Collaboration. Kentrell was arrested again for attempted first-degree murder in 2016 in Texas Austin and was Jailed in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. His arrest, however, did not scathe his career; he had already gone so high that not even his jail time could serve as a limit. To test his fame, he released a couple of Mixtapes, “Before I Go: Reloaded” and “Mind of a Menace 3: Reloaded,” that went harder than ever. He had gently attained a rather dynamic position that placed him on favorable grounds so that whatever involvement he championed wouldn’t starve his chances at career fulfillment.

He served only eight months out of his ten years sentence; Kentrell had left Baton penitentiary on probation when he released another single titled “Untouchable.” The hallmark of his career growth came in 2017, a year after, in August, after his singles climbed the billboards to the 24th position.

Kentrell continued fostering his career as he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and released his debut album “Until Death Call My Name” on April 27, 2018. This move would be a significant step in bolstering his career to high levels as the album landed No.7 on the US Billboard and charted No.5 on the US Hip-hop Chart. His album had also attained platinum status.

Kentrell would receive the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Award in 2021 for his song “Bandit.” He also bagged the Most Performed R&B honor at the BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards for the same song and later received a Grammy nomination for Best Melodic Rap Performance for the hit song “WusYaName.”

Kacey Alexander Gaulden Mother

Kacey Alexander and his mother Jania

Kacey’s mother, Jania Meshell Bania, was born on January 11, 2000; little is known about her family background. She became famous after she got into a relationship with Youngboy NBA. As the mother of his fourth child and his 3rd partner, Jania had joggled the responsibility of a nursing mother with her career as an influencer at 23. She’d occasionally complained of the lack of attention given to Kacey by his father. She is, however, not the only person to mother Kentrell’s child. She broke up with NBA YoungBoy in 2019 and is currently in a relationship with Basketballer Dejounte Murray. Dejounte and Jania have a daughter named IceLynn.

Jania is working as the fashion ambassador for Fashion Nova. She augments her modeling work with her loyal fan base on Instagram as an influencer. Her Instagram account, with over 3.5 million followers, is filled with pictures of her lifestyle.

Jania Meshell Bania -  Kacey's mother and NBA YoungBoy's baby momma
Jania Meshell Bania – Kacey’s mother and NBA YoungBoy’s baby momma

Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s Siblings

Because of his father’s multiple relationships, Kacey has eleven siblings – eight boys and three girls. His father and partner, Drew Valentina, gave birth to NBA YoungBoy’s eleventh child. Although the siblings do not live under one roof, their parents ensure a healthy relationship among them even as NBA YoungBoy takes care of them.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden in an elevator

NBA YoungBoy reportedly has a son named Kaell with a woman named Arcola. He had the son in 2021 but kept it out of media attention. If the reports are accurate, NBA officially has 12 children, with Kaell being the eighth.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden Net Worth

Kacey Gaulden doesn’t have a high-profile Job or source of income. However, his father earns a lot as a songwriter and rapper. Over the years, NBA has attained career success and financial stability with an estimated net worth of over $6 million.

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