Nellie Thalbach Biography, Gender, Relationship status, Age, Career, Net worth

Who is Nellie Thalbach?

Nellie Thalbach is a seasoned actress who came into public consciousness after featuring in a range of hit TV films which all involved “edge of tomorrow”, “Prey”, and “Maria a Callas”.

This article contains information regarding Nellie Thalbach Biography, gender, religion, age, career, net worth, body physique, and height. First, let’s take a look at her profile summary.

Profile Summary

NameNellie Thalbach
Age29 years
Date of birth1995
Relationship statusUnknown
Place of birthBerlin, Germany
MotherAnna Thalbach
GrandmotherKatharina Thalbach
GrandfatherVladimir Weigl
Height5′ 3″
Net worth$8million
Nellie Thalbach profile summary

Nellie Thalbach Biography

Hindu by religion and christened Nellie Thalbach. She became native to dutch heritage by way of Jus soli.

She was born in the year 1995 in Berlin, she panned out from a long stretch of famed German actresses and actors of which Anna Thalbach, her mother, has been easily recognized as one. Her grandmother, Katharina Thalbach is also a notable movie actress since the 1980s. As sourced by

Nellie Thalbach biography
Nellie Thalbach

Although there is a massive gap in information regarding her childhood, her immediate essence is undying evidence of youthful bliss.

Nellie Thalbach Career

Nellie originally debuted in the year 2002 as a pubescent Polly in a threepenny Opera. Her first exposure to magic-making came fast-tracking with the 2006 German-oriented movie “Marie a Callas” where she featured as Liz.

After a decade, she came back to public light as Angelique Rosinski in the 2016 German Movie “Wir Sind Die Rosinsksi”.

Following that was a 2016 character-Re-evaluating role in the movie, “Marie Curie: the courage of Knowledge”

Her Career was soon ravaged by an unprecedented rise to a greater height as she was cherry-picked and cast as Charlotte in Munich: edge of tomorrow” a British show directed by Christian Schwochow, and its entirety propounded on Robert Harris’s Book.

In 2019, she was listed for Nomination for the German Animation Speaker Award for the little badger in The Little Raven Socke – The Search for the Lost Treasure. Nellie soon became an indispensable figure in the 2021 movie “Prey”.

Nellie Thalbach Relationship Status

Regardless of the fact that she has been captured with a number of male models and actors, there’s little to no absolute knowledge of her engendering a relationship with anyone.

However, major blog sites suggest she is with Bela Gabor Lenz, a professional German Actor. As gathered by, Nonetheless the door is still wide open for potential correction and revaluation.

Nellie Thalbach Net worth

As of 2022 Nellie Thalbach has been able to accumulate a total worth of $5million, this comprises all value and expandable worth attributed to her name.

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