Ongoing Search for Derrell Brown: Update On Keyona Griffin Murder Case

Was Derrell Brown found after the Cherletta Baber-Bay and Keyona Griffin murders? No. As of when this article was updated, there is no report that Derrell Brown was found.

Let me recap the event and give you an update on the case.

In March 2019, a harrowing tragedy unfolded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when two cousins, 47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bay and 25-year-old Keyona Griffin, fell victim to a brutal double homicide within their own home.

The prime suspect in this gruesome crime is Cherletta’s boyfriend, Derrell Demon Brown, a man plagued by a well-documented history of domestic violence and substance abuse issues.

On the fateful day of March 13, 2019, Brown allegedly perpetrated a heinous act, taking the lives of both women at their Sheldon Avenue residence. Keyona Griffin exhibited tremendous courage by managing to dial 911 and report the unfolding crime; however, tragically, law enforcement arrived on the scene too late to prevent the loss of two lives.

The police arrived seven minutes after the first call but didn’t connect with anyone. Two hours later, they got a second call and found Cherletta Baber-Bey, 47, and Keyona Griffin, 25, dead in their Sheldon Avenue home.

Following the horrific murders, Derrell Brown managed to evade capture and has successfully eluded authorities ever since. Now classified as armed and dangerous, he has been placed on the U.S. Marshals’ prestigious 15 Most Wanted list, promising a substantial reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to his apprehension.

Although police have not officially disclosed a clear motive for the murders, certain witnesses have suggested that Brown’s extreme and volatile temper may have been exacerbated by jealousy regarding Cherletta’s family relationships.

In the wake of this devastating event, the families of both victims are steadfast in their pursuit of justice and closure. They have organized vigils, marches, and fundraisers to commemorate their beloved relatives’ memory and sustain community awareness of the unresolved case.

As of early 2024, Derrell Brown remains large, and authorities are tirelessly dedicated to locating him. The U.S. Marshals urgently implore anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact them at 1-877-WANTED-2 or submit tips online at

The apprehension of this suspect is not only crucial in serving justice but also in providing long-awaited answers to the families and the affected community grappling with the enduring pain and unanswered questions stemming from this heart-wrenching crime.

Who Is Derrell Brown?

Derrell Brown, also known as “Jay,” once played a significant role in the lives of Cherletta Baber-Bey and Keyona Griffin, but he remained somewhat of a mystery to their family members.

Cherletta, described as nurturing and sweet but somewhat anti-social, met Derrell at a downtown Grand Rapids public library.

Their love story blossomed, and Derrell eventually moved into Cherletta’s home.

Cherletta kept many details about Derrell hidden from her family, and they didn’t inquire too deeply since he appeared calm and non-threatening.

They knew that he lacked a job, phone, and social media presence, as well as having faced legal trouble for failing to pay child support.

Cherletta, 47, and Derrell lived together in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Cherletta’s niece, Keyona Griffin, 25, would occasionally visit them.

While Keyona had a strong bond with her aunt, she harbored reservations about Derrell. She found him peculiar and eccentric.

On March 13, 2019, a heartbreaking moment unfolded when Keyona dialed 911 in distress. She struggled to speak but urgently revealed that “he” had harmed her aunt, and she feared for her own life.

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