Pauline Chalamet Weight Loss: How She Got Into Her Ideal Body Shape

The Sex Lives of College Girls movie wasn’t the only thing that helped maintain the identity of Pauline Chalamet in fans’ minds. Her outstanding performance in several web series and TV shows played a crucial role in accruing any qualifiable measure of fame for her.

However, Pauline Chalamet’s Weight Loss in the second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls served the better part in preserving her name.

Though underscored by her brief absence on set, she returned with her newfound body physique to play the role of Kimberly properly – a poor and haggard freshman fromĀ Gilbert, Arizona, undertaking the responsibilities of a working-class student.

Slender looking Pauline Chalamet photographed by Benoit Auguste
Slender-looking Pauline Chalamet photographed by Benoit Auguste (Source: Instagram)

This caused concern about her well-being and her mental state to grow sporadically as fans became curious to see an entirely different Pauline assuming the role of a slender body Kimberly.

Her transformation occurred amidst a broader struggle within the entertainment industry, where unrealistic beauty ideals clashed with the principles of body positivity and self-acceptance.

Her reasons for cutting down on excess fats remained unknown to fans, but to her, it was more than accruing an ideal body physique; it was a personal struggle against her innate demons, a thrust to naturalizing overall body health.

Who is Pauline Chalamet?

Pauline Chalamet was born to French-American parents on January 25, 1992; growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Pauline was exposed to a fair share of cultural diversity, and this was no ordinary backdrop emanating from her bilingual background.

Her home was based in a federally subsidized artists’ building, a proud tower that stood at the heart of Manhattan. Of course, it possessed enough elements to berate her into a theatrical performance. Growing up, Pauline was not alone; she was a sibling to famed TV star Timothee Chalamet.

pauline as a child in new york
Pauline Chalamet as a child

The outcome of her many years in the entertainment industry was evidenced by her roles in a plethora of web series and shows, Starting from the bottom rungs, climbing to the role of a director, screenwriter, and even a producer; yet, the grand slam of fame, the kind that an everyday career dreams of, continued to elude her grasp.

However, her choice to gain weight would be the precursor to her rise or at least one that stirred the public till they noticed her in a different light.

Pauline Chalamet Weight Loss – How Did She Loss Weight?

Against applause, Pauline Chalamet’s weight loss did not prove anything easy; it never was; when your entire worth is surmised by your looks, building weight may likely not be a sound option for you, and Pauline knew this.

So, to crack down on her noticeable size, she devised a 3-step regimen to shed off 30-40 pounds of fat. She began her journey with:

Strick Workout

To get into an ideal shape, Pauline revealed that she adapted to light exercises and engaged more in physical activities like dancing, hiking, and yoga. She also explored the fundamentals of cardiovascular exercise, engaging in lung training, meditation, and a little weight lifting to start her morning.

Food, Food, And More Food, Surprised?

This time, it was done proportionately with more regard for life expectancy, social approval, and self-satisfaction. Undertaking this route for Pauline had only come after sheer recognition; of course, this had only been natural given that change seldom happens without recognition and acceptance. She had recognized the impact of dieting and sooner embraced its influence on her.

Pauline found a strong liking in whole grains, vegetables, fat, and fruit; while these spawned off appearing like a recipe for immortality, it would leave her with a lasting slender effect, playing a crucial role in the bigger picture of attaining her desired physique.

Adding to this, she consistently followed a diet plan using Black coffee and oats to begin her day, engrossing herself in the rich taste of Juice and Salad for snacks, while her launch meal was mainly chicken breasts and boiled vegetables.

In her revamped lifestyle, Pauline made sure to include snacks between meals. A trusty protein bar became her go-to, fitting so seamlessly that she mixed it with a salad. To end her day, Pauline loved her chicken breast, though she didn’t aimlessly walk around the mirror searching for immediate progress. She knew that anything that screamed protein was good stuff.

This practice was crucial for her. Trimming away the excess junk food alongside her commitment became a steadfast support beam in her journey toward a leaner physique. When you aim to fit through a ball pen point, you don’t go around feeding your cravings, do you?

Early Morning Routine

Pauline Chalamet Weight Loss
Pauline Chalamet reading a book and having a cup of coffee (Source: Instagram)

Pauline had attested that having a healthy mindset would go a long way in building a healthy body. Starting her day with a vintage radio clock, Pauline would meet a warm cup of tea; this peaceful start transitioned seamlessly into her reading session, where she wholesomely embraced the characters in any book.

To her, reading became a legitimate reason for anything and everything. Recognizing the nourishment that feeding the mind could offer the body, Pauline wielded this understanding like a powerful weapon, making her an unstoppable force in her pursuit of shedding size.

pauline after exercise regimen
Pauline is wearing a piece styled by mollygreenwald that brings out her slender physique (Source: Instagram)

Now weighing 54kg, Pauline Chalamet’s weight loss helped her achieve her ideal body physique, though it cost her a lot. What had appeared as an arduous task had become a hobby for Pauline, who revealed that she enjoyed the process every step of the way.

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