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Who is Reilly Anspaugh?

Reilly Anspaugh is a writer, singer, and actress; she has regional theatre credits, including Boston’s new repertory theatre, and a BSA from Boston University. She is a crooner in “Good morning” (2020), “The Baxter” (2019), “Geoffrey the dumbass” (2017), and “off days” (2017), to mention a few.

In this post, I will write about Reilly Anspaugh biography, education, age, net worth, social media handles, filmography, and other facts about her. Before we proceed, let’s look at her profile summary.

Profile Summary

NameReilly Anspaugh
Date of birth3rd June 1996
Zodiac signGemini
Age27 years
FatherDavid Anspaugh
MotherRoma Downey
Relationship statusDating
Net worth$1,000,000
OccupationActress, writer, producer
HobbiesWriting, Acting
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack

Reilly Anspaugh Biography

Reilly Anspaugh was born on 3rd June 1996 in the United States of America into the family of Mr. David Anspaugh and Roma Downey. Her Dad and mum were both actors and actresses, respectively. Her Dad, David Anspaugh, has won different awards in his field. Her mum, Roma, is also an actress and has also been nominated for several awards in her acting career.

Reilly has been able to act in different movies and also serve as a proofreader. She is a crooner in “Good morning” (2020), “The Baxter” (2019), “Geoffrey the dumbass” (2017), and “off days” (2017), just to mention a few.

Reilly Anspaugh 1
Reilly Anspaugh

Reilly Anspaugh Career

Reilly Anspaugh made her Carnage Hall debut as a soloist in 2018 at Tim Jonis during its annual Christmas concert, which is a means of raising funds for Kids Winslet’s golden heart foundation. Forward to 2019, she also made another appearance and performed as a soloist.

She joined the headgum as far back as May 2018 when she started as an editorial assistant and worked as a script reader at lightworker Media which she joined in January 2021. Her role was to read pilot scripts and incoming futures and make a summary of the plot, including feedback on the movie script and corrections. 

She is also a proofreader at youth play in 2020, in which she proofreads scripts and incoming plays and gives a helping hand in editing the script and making grammatical adjustments.

Reilly Anspaugh Education

She has earned a certificate in classical acting from the London Academy of music and dramatic art, and she’s also a graduate of Boston University, of which he holds a BFA in drama and musical theatre.

She has made an effort when it comes to self-development. She started studying in September 2021 at wine and spirits education, learned more about wine Steward/sommelier, and graduated in February 2022.

Reilly Anspaugh Social Media Handles

She has been able to gather many followers on all her social media handles, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and I’ll be listing the usernames and the social media Handles to which you can follow her, also including her number of followers.

Instagram: @Reilly Anspaugh with over 12 thousand followers, and she has made 612 posts and follows 905people

TikTok: Reillyanspaugh with over seven thousand likes and 1.6k fans

Twitter: Reileycoyote with 4.4k followers, and she is following just 869 people

Reilly Anspaugh Podcast

Reilly Anspaugh is also a podcaster and has hosted the revenue review podcast with Geoffry James at HeadGum. This weekly podcast was launched in January 2020 and tended to improve comedy-based conversation on reviews on the internet.

Reilly Anspaugh Family

Reilly Anspaugh was born and raised in the United States by Roma Downey and David Anspaugh. Her Dad has won 2 primetime Emmy awards as a filmmaker, and her mum has also been nominated for two folden globe awards as an actress. We can say that acting runs in the family, and she also has a step-sister named Vanessa Anspaugh.

Reilly Anspaugh Net worth

Through her acting, writing, and making different productions, Reilly Anspaugh has acquired a net worth of $1,000,000.

Reilly Anspaugh Birthday, Age

Reilly Anspaugh was born on 3rd June 1996, and she is 27 years old.

Reilly Anspaugh Occupation

She is a multi-talented individual who is into acting, writing and also a good singer. she has used these professions to generate income for herself.

Reilly Anspaugh Relationship

Reilly Anspaugh is in a relationship with a handsome young man named Daniel Rashid, who is also a filmmaker as well as an actor. This was known after she gave him a shout referring to him as her boyfriend, and showered him with praises


  • Known For. Good Mourning Piper (2020)
  • The Baxters Erin Baxter / Erin Hogan (2021)
  • Geoffrey the Dumbass Reilly / Hanson (2017-2020)
  • Off Days Reilly (2017-2020)
  • Good Mourning Piper (2020)
  • Geoffrey the Dumbass Reilly (2017-2020)
  • Off Days Reilly (2017-2020)

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