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Shaun Holguin is an American police officer who is known for his service in the United States police department but mainly for his marital/romantic relationship with his ex-wife, actress Jodie Sweetin.

While Shaun Holguin is primarily known by many for being an ex-spouse, Jodie Sweetin is known for being a badass movie actress.

In this post, I will share with you facts about Shauna Holguin and some other interesting things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at his profile.

Profile Summary

NameShaun Holguin
Age45 years
Date of birthJune 29th, 1978
NationalityUnited States
Marital StatusSingle
ex-WifeJodie Sweetin
OccupationPolice Officer
Net worth$1,000,000
Shaun Holguin profile summary

Shaun Holguin Biography 

Shaun Holguin, an American police officer known for his service in the United States but mainly for being an ex-spouse, was born on June 29th, 1978, in his home country in Huntington Beach, California, the United States of America.

Holguin currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 

Shaun Holguin, who has a Caucasian ethnicity, is an American by nationality. More so, his birth and or zodiac sign is cancer, while Ruben R Holguin, Marsha M Ayers, and Eric Holguin are some of his family members. 

Born on June 29th, 1978, Shaun is currently 45 years old. He shared his childhood days with his parents and most of his siblings with whom he grew up. 

As much as we feel celebrities should be as open as books, most celebrities and celebrity spouses and or siblings are reserved in nature. Shaun, as you may have guessed, is one of those and so most information about his personal life is not on the internet. 

Shaun Holguin Career 

As earlier pointed out, Shaun Holguin is an American police officer who is mainly known for his marital relationship with actress Jodie Sweetin. He is a serving police officer who rose to prominence after his marriage to a movie actress. 

Shaun Holguin Marriage with Jodie Sweetin 

Jodie Sweetin, who is known for having up to three ex-husbands, got into a marriage with Shaun. Shaun, at the time, was a Los Angeles-based police officer. 

Shaun Holguin and pregnant Jodie Sweetin
Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin

The loving duo tied their wedding knot but separated as soon as the marriage became a union – metaphorically. They met in 2000 and got married on the 27th of July 2002 but separated in 2006. 

The couple lived together as a  couple for less than half a decade.

Shaun Holguin Divorce

Shaun Holguin was recorded to have been engaged with only one woman. After divorcing his ex-wife Jodie in 2006, he has not been officially said to be in any relationship with another woman. A source reportedly nonetheless said that the couple had had a child together before the 2006 divorce. However, no details about the said child are available on the web. 

Why did Shaun divorce Jodie? Unfortunately, a reasonable percentage of people aware that this couple has dissolved their marriage don’t know the reason for this action. So, let’s briefly open your eyes to see the facts behind their divorce. 

Shaun exchanged wedding vows with Jodie Sweetin in 2002, having courted for two years. Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived as they soon discovered irreconcilable differences. 

While Jodie Sweetin is an American actress, Shaun is a Police officer in the States. This doesn’t sound bad from a distance, but getting close to the kind of life they lived together—Jodie was discovered to be involved in a shady business, and she abuses drugs. 

Shaun did not at first know that his wife was a drug abuser until some time after their marriage because it would be recollected that Jodie had been taking her drugs out of Shaun’s sight, sometimes in the bathroom. 

He soon learned the truth when he’d ask what she was doing, and Jodie didn’t seize to open up. Despite knowing, Shaun tried to manage her condition, helping her consult a treatment facility where she once spent six months at a go. 

This didn’t improve her condition and would stain Shaun’s profession, so he couldn’t help but leave Jodie in 2006.

Shaun’s ex-wife Jordie Sweetin

Ever since they parted ways, Shaun maintained himself, but Jodie got married to Cody Heroin, who was a film transportation coordinator, in the same year and tied the knot with him in July 2007. Jodie had a daughter, Zoie, on April 12, 2008, with Cody the following year – but the marriage also lived short. 

As a result of her drug addiction condition, Jodie had been in some other failed marriages after Cody’s.

On August 31, 2010, Jodie gave birth to her second child, Beatrix, with her lover named Morty Coyle – they married in a private wedding ceremony in 2011. Things did not work well between Morty and Jodie, and in 2 years, in 2013, Jodie filed for divorce, which was finalized in September 2015.

However, Jodie moved on to be with Justin Hodak. They engaged in 2016 after dating for 2 years, the following year, in 2017, Jodie cut ties with Justin and that was her last known encounter with any lover.

Shaun Holguin Net worth 

Shaun Holguin has an estimated net worth of $1 million. As you may have noticed from his profile estimates, Holguin earns his net worth from his career as an American police officer.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates his worth, which states that the average annual salary of a police officer in the States is $62,760. 

On the other hand, Shaun’s ex-wife’s net worth declares she is more prosperous than him. Jodie’s net worth is about $4 million, following the disclosure from some sources that she earns close to $700,000 yearly.

Success Lesson

Several stories like Jodie’s have shown us how drug addicts are disadvantaged. Jodie might have remained Shaun’s wife if she hadn’t suffered from addiction to hard drugs. This is one good thing to learn from Shaun Holguin’s biography—since Jodie is connected to him. 

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