Stacy Van Dyke Biography, Full Details of Dick Van Dyke’s Daughter

Who is Stacy Van Dyke? 

Stacy Van Dyke is a famous American film and television series actress and entertainer. Stacy Van Dyke is known for being one of the cast members of the popularly watched American sitcom show, “The New Van Dyke Show (1971).” Otherwise, she is also known for being the daughter of Dick Van Dyke; an American film actor and comedian. 

As it were, Stacy Van Dyke is also known for her appearances in several other blockbuster films, including; “Diagnosis Murder (1993),” and “Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity (2002).” In this article, however, I will share facts about Stacy Van Dyke and a few other interesting things you probably didn’t know about her. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at her profile summary.

Profile summary

NameStacy Van Dyke
Age70 years
Date of birth1954
FatherDick Van Dyke
MotherMargie Willett
SiblingsChristian Van Dyke
Barry Van Dyke
Carrie Beth Van Dyke
Net worth$300,000

Stacy Van Dyke Biography

Stacy Van Dyke was born in New Orleans in 1954. She was raised by her parents, actor Dick Van Dyke (father) and Margie Willett (mother). 

As it is, Stacy has three siblings Christian Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, and Carrie Beth Van Dyke—two brothers and one sister, with whom her childhood years were fun-filled. And speaking more, Stacy is originally from the US, so she holds American citizenship by birth. 

Moreover, she possesses a white skin color, with her ethnic classification rated under the White-American ethnic group. Looking at reports confirming her body parameters, we gathered that Stacy Van Dyke stands about five feet six inches tall and possesses 55 kilograms of body weight. Side by side, she has blonde hair and a pair of aesthetic light brown eyes. 

Stacy Van Dyke Education, Career 

Stacy Van Dyke is reluctant to share details about her educational background on the internet. Although she more than likely completed her primary education, holding an elementary school graduate certificate and high school diploma, information about her university education is obscure. 

Regarding job descriptions and careers, Stacy Van is a film actress. She made her TV debut in 1971, appearing on her father’s sitcom show, “The New Dick Van Dyke Show.” As it were, Stacy’s appearances in this widely watched sitcom show, which aired on CBS from 1971 until 1974, shot her into the spotlight. 

With her career growing and blooming due to her performance in “The New Dick Van Dyke Show,” Stacy Van Dyke started getting offers from different film production companies. Notably, she is one of the cast members of these high-selling films, including; 

  • The New Dick Van Dyke Show (1971)
  •  Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity (2002)
  •  Diagnosis Murder (1993)
  •  Hollywood goes to a World Premiere (1964, Short documentary)
  •  The Mike Douglas Show (1979 TV Series)

Directed by Christopher Hibler, “Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity (2002)” starred other famous film actors, including Dick Van Dyke, Charlie Schlatter, and Victoria Rowell. Side note: it was written by Joyce Burditt and Joel Steiger and is classified as a TV movie. 

Classified under the TV series “Diagnosis Murder (1993)” is another hit movie Stacy Van Dyke made an appearance. With episodes like “Murder in the Family” and several others, Diagnosis Murder featured other famous film actors, including Victoria Rowell, Scott Baio, Leah Remini, Barry Van Dyke, and Dick Van Dyke. As it is, Stacy plays the role of the character Carol Hilton. 

Stacy Van Dyke Family, Husband 

Information about Stacy Van Dyke’s husband is unclear. Notably, Stacy has continued to keep details about her marital life away from the spotlight, so we could not lay our hands on any reports confirming whether or not she is married. Similarly, whether or not she has a child(ren) is obscure. 

Stacy Van Dyke is not Dead

Stacy Van Dyke is alive. However, a woman with the legal name Stacey Carole Crum Van Dyke, who died on February 3, 2017, is mistaken as actress Stacy Van Dyke. While it is so rare a coincidence, the Stacy Van Dyke we talked about in this article is very much alive. 

Stacy Van Dyke Net worth

Stacy Van Dyke has an estimated net worth of about $300k thousand. She earns her net worth from her career as a film actress. Her father, Dick Van Dyke, has an estimated net worth of about $50 million. 

  • Stacey Carole Crum Van Dyke is dead, but Stacy Van Dyke is not dead. 
  • Stacy Van Dyke has three siblings whose names are Nancee Kelly, Jerri Lynn Dyke, and Ronald Dyke. 
  •  Stacy Van Dyke’s name “Stacy” is derived from the Greek word Anastasia, which loosely translates to “resurrection.”

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