The Irony of the Nigerian Education System

They say education is vital for the development of a country, so, it’s safe to say that Nigeria is not developed because her education system is not functional. The system is full of ironies and set-backs – we use curriculum crafted by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council in 2008, but teach topics relevant in 1960.

Truth must be told, our leaders are to be blamed.

Factors affecting education in Nigeria include, Incessant union strike, inadequate facilities, poor adherence to education policies, corruption, dwindling value, the list goes on.

Recently a young Nigerian engineer built a zero-emission electric generator that runs on water – it only trended on social media. How will a country relying on income generate by crude oil and fossil fuel switch to a zero-emission power generator?

For a system to be highly productive, every part has to be functional. So where did the education system go wrong?

Unpaid Salary chronicle.

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Teachers in Nigeria have a long history of unpaid salary by the Government. Unions do the best they can by persuading the government, yet they are left with promises.

Industrial Training (I.T.) scheme is only but a gimmick.

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Universities and polytechnics devised industrial training period for students but its nothing but a long holiday. It is supposed to be a period of skill acquisition through in-job training as interns, but … – No jobs.

Unrevised olden-day contents.

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Most universities in 2019 teach things you can only use in the past. Like, a sophomore computer science undergraduate being taught “Qbasic – an ancient programming language”.

Poor Facilities and backward technology.

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The environment for learning is very appalling in some Nigerian schools due to lack of maintenance. No adaption of modern technology in teaching and learning.

You’ll look totally awkward when you come for lectures with a mini laptop – “where you go see light to even charge am”.

No job after years of study

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This gave rise to the saying “school na scam”.


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