Simple 10 steps to enjoy your Sundays, for Christians

church on sundays

No offense intended but if you’re a non-Christian, please scroll to the bottom of the page to read another article, because you won’t relate.

So, for Christians who want to have more than the ordinary from their Sundays, there are certain things you need to keep in mind every Sunday. Your Sundays won’t be the same if you follow this simple 10 steps.

1. Plan to attend a church.

look by old man


Yes, for a Christian, you must go to church. I don’t know who came up with the idea of one-man Christianity. Please is there one-man heaven?

2. While going to church, be on time.


Being late to church is not cool at all.

3. Leave your charger at home.

young boy lookin at finger

for those of you that come to church with phone chargers and start disturbing the church tech-hands, what is your motive all about?

4. Give your ears to the preacher.

bald head man pointing down


This the apex moment in church service and you shouldn’t tender any form of distraction.

5. Freeze social media apps during church hours.

woman with pistol

You can’t serve two masters, my brother. Its either facebook or church, not facebook while in church. Besides, likes and shares can wait after service.

6. It is a church service, not a fashion parade.

concluding look

Sunday service is a solemn gathering, so it’s not the best time to show off the latest in your closet.

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7. Obey the usher.

Different types of people peculiar to the ATM queue in Nigeria


What do you stand to gain when you say no to ushers when they direct you to a particular seat?

8. Don’t try to out-sing the song leader.

singer singinf

It’s a worship moment and not a talent hunt, so keep your voice down.

9. Lick tom-tom during the sermon.

awkward smile

This trick works best for those that “nod head” during the sermon and can’t carry out number 4.

10. Take pictures for the gram.

I dont care child

Its Sunday, why don’t you add fun to it.



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