Zoltan Kaszas Biography, Career, Gender, Net worth

Who is Zoltan Kaszas?

Zoltan Kaszas is a Hungarian comedian and actor who is famously recognized for his rib-cracking youtube comedy videos. He began his journey and rose to fame at the age of 19.

This article contains information surrounding Zoltan Kasza’s biography, career, gender, relationship status, measurements and physique, and net worth. First, let’s look at the profile summary.

Profile summary

NameZoltan Kaszas
Date of birthunknown
Place of birthBudapest
Country of birthHungary
CareerComedian, Actor
Net worthapprox $1million- $5million
Zoltan Kaszas profile summary

Zoltan Kaszas Biography

Born in Budapest, Hungary. He was raised by a single parent, his mother thrillng.com gathered. He moved over to the United States on the 4th of July 1991 and lived in San Diego, California.

At the age of 19, he began doing stand-up comedy. He bloomed excellently in the act, and as time went on, he could be easily spotted on dry bar comedy, laughs on Fox, Sirlusxm, and subsequently, he was crowned the winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, the San Diego Comedy Festival, The San Diego funniest person contest, and the Rock star Energy Drink comedy throwdown, thrillng.com.

Zoltan Kaszas Relationship status

Not much has been gathered as a response to who he is dating. However, a photo posted on his Instagram suggests that he is in a relationship with Emma Bassiri, thrillng.com gathered. Emma Bassiri is the founder of Meowingtons, an online cat shop.

Zoltan Kaszas
Zoltan Kaszas and his spouse, Emma Bassiri

Zoltan kaszas Body measurements

Zoltan is an averagely structured individual with long brown hair and blue eyes; however, his exact height is still yet to be discovered, as is his weight.

Zoltan kaszas Net worth

Zoltan Kaszas net worth still fluctuates in uncertainty but it is gathered that he has an estimate of about $1million-$5million, believably earned from his career as a comedian.

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