Zulu Adigwe Biography and Net Worth

Who is Zulu Adigwe?

Zulu Adigwe is a famous Nollywood actor and one of the oldest actors who are still active in the industry. You will mostly see him on-screen playing the role of an elder, a crowned chief, father, father-in-law, or a traditional ruler.

He features in movies alongside Pete Edochie, Chinwe Ntaluagu, Ngozi Ezeonu, Patience Ozokwor, and Ken Saro-Wiwa. He was known as Mr. B in Ken Saro-Wiwa’s soap opera, Basi and Company (1987).

NameZulu Adigwe
Date of BirthMay 15th
State of OriginEnugu
WifeMrs. Blessing
Net worthUnknown

He played the role of “Pascal” in Ramsey Nouah‘s Living in Bondage.

Aside from acting Zulu loves to sing and write. And he was a lecturer at the University of Abuja.

Zulu Adigwe Biography

Zulu was born and raised in Enugu in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Most of his childhood was in Enugu but he had his basic education in Austria where he completed both primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

He started in Europe in 1970 when he got into university, but in 1999, he returned to Nigeria and joined the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

He graduated from the university in Austria where he read medicine and switched to the University of Ibadan and graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts.

Zulu Adigwe 1
Zulu Adigwe Biography

He is married to Mrs. Blessing and has three grown-up children. He got married to his wife Blessing in 1982.

According to IMDB, Zulu Adigwe is known for acting in Blood Diamonds (2004), Issakaba (2000) and Face of a Liar (1999).

Zulu Adigwe is also known as Mazi Udemba.

Zulu Adigwe Net Worth

Zulu’s net worth is not official because his income is not made public, nor has he declared his assets. However, his major source of income remains his move acting.

Regardless, austinemedia.com describes him as one of the richest and most influential actors in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $250,000.

Zulu Adigwe 2
Zule Adigwe

Zulu Adigwe Career

He rose to fame after he featured in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Blood of the Orphan”. The movie brought him to the limelight and earned him a spot in the Nollywood hall of fame.

He was also nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the Africa Movie Academy Awards for the role he played in “Blood of the orphan”.

He has also been nominated for several awards such as;

  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award
  • Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

Since his career, he has acted in more than 200 Nollywood movies of which he made money from. The movies include

  • Blood of the Orphan
  • Blood Diamonds
  • Face of a Liar
  • Unforgettable
  • Issakaba
  • Forbidden land
  • “45 minutes”
  • Chameleon
  • Feast of Love
  • My drum of Love
  • King of Kings
  • Origin of wickedness
  • Love gone sour
  • The King Maker
  • My Only Love
  • Forbidden Land
  • Clash of Native Doctors

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