Amanda Elise Lee Biography, Age, Physique, Husband, Net worth

Amanda Lee is an Instagram celebrity, fitness trainer, and model best known for her workout videos on social media. Most people know her for her curvy body shape which she developed through a series of intense body workout routines. Her videos and story have inspired many people to set their body goals.

Amanda was born a Canadian and had a lovely childhood growing up with 5 siblings. She didn’t use to have the body shape she has now, back then in high school, but molestation and pressure pushed her into body fitness, and that resulted in her curvy body nature. She is professional in her line of work and has worked with others to achieve the same feat.

Amanda Elise Lee
Amanda Elise Lee

Let’s take a look at her profile.

NameAmanda Elise Lee
Date of Birth13th December 1986
Age (2020)37 years old
ProfessionFitness trainer, Model
Marital StatusMarried
Net worth$2.8 million
Weight56kg (1251 lbs)
Eye ColorBlue
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)

Amanda Elise Lee Biography

Amanda was born on exactly 13th December 1986 into a family of 5 children.

She comes from Canada, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

She is well known for her “body goals,” which she started building in high school. She moved to Sarah Lawrence College to study modern dance to ensure she got her cardiovascular fitness to a good level, part of what dancing does.

Amanda lee biography
Amanda Lee

She furthered her education with a degree in Personal Physical training and as a Pilates Instructor.

Before now, fans speculated that Amanda was single, but she debunked the “she-is-single rumor” after she posted a picture of her baby bump and a man giving it a peck.

Amanda Lee is married to RichyRich, and their union is blessed with a daughter whom they gave birth to in 2020. Her husband is the owner of Mutant Grape Wine Club which he co-founded with Dough.

Amanda Elise Lees husband and their daughter
Amanda Elise Lee’s husband and their daughter

Amanda Elise Lee Career

While in high school, Amanda was bent on getting a better body to avoid the bully she faced back then. And this really inspired her to start working out more seriously. At that time, her mother, also a fitness trainer, motivated her to stay on top of her workout. Her mother would motivate her by being her personal photographer. Even up to now, Amanda’s mum helps cover her for her social media content.

Amanda was not famous yet until 2014, when a famous dancer on Instagram mentioned her post. Attention was quickly drawn to Amanda, and all her workout posts, photos, and videos went viral. From then, her Instagram account following plummeted, and she began receiving requests to do more workout videos.

She got linked up with various sponsors after garnering 100,000 followers on Instagram.

She has more than 11 million followers on Instagram alone.

Amanda Elise Lee net worth
Amanda Elise Lee

Amanda Elise Lee Net Worth

Amanda’s sources of income are diverse, and it include sponsored posts, personal training, book sales, modeling, and brand ambassador deals, all of which surround her fitness career.

She also has a book she wrote, which sells for $35 at her online shop. She is also a fitness columnist at Poosh magazine, owned by Kourtney Kardashian.

Amanda has endorsement deals with fitness and health supplement companies. She also made it to the cover pages of famous magazines and landed sponsorship from several bikini and fitness clothing lines.

She reportedly earns $42,180 monthly, and her net worth is an estimated $2.8 million.

Amanda Elise Lee Physique

Fitness models are known for their outstanding body physique, and Amand is not exempted.

Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee

Her point of concentration during her body workout session is her lower body. She works on them twice weekly in exercises ranging from deadlifts, squats, leg raises, lunges, and step-ups. And she does Splits in different workouts.

Amanda believes her curvy nature is from her glute, so she is intentional about keeping them in shape.

She burns fat with routines involving weighted bars and leg presses. She also does exercises that include cardio-based lower-body workouts that give her the best gluten workout and help her achieve her desired tone. They include jumps, step-ups, lunges, and side-to-side steps.

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