Truth About America Williams, Teenage Girl Shot 15 Times For Smacking Someone’s Mother

Let’s break down details about an urban myth, America Williams – the girl who was reportedly found dead in her apartment at 102 Bennett Ct, New Castle County, Delaware, USA, in 2020.

Reports have it that America Williams was shot 15 times after she was seen slapping a woman in a viral video.

Netizens are divided on what happened to America Williams after she was seen slapping a woman who some claim was someone’s mother. However, we’ll explain America Williams’s ordeal here.

While individuals like Ski Bri and Jake Paul might feign relationships and go viral, America William went viral after she took extreme and shocking actions, such as slapping a mother.

Who is America Willaims?

America Williams was a 15-year-old girl who gained popularity on the internet in 2020 after a video of her assaulting a mother went online.

To get the story straight, America Williams did not slap her mother; rather, she hit a friend’s mother three times, as she could be heard on the video saying, “This your mother right.. stop playing with me.”

The victimized mother, standing defenseless, went back into the house after she said, “That’s f*cked up.”

Watch the saddening video here.

America’s friend captured the video – how it leaked is still unknown. But it was posted online for clout.

After the video was posted, news of America Williams’s death surfaced.

America Williams seen slapping a mother.
America Williams is seen slapping a mother.

Profile summary

Full nameAmerica Williams
Year of birth2005
Aged15 years old
Place of birthUnited States
ResidenceNew Castle County, Delaware
PopularityFor slapping a mother

Early Life

America was born in 2005, although nothing is known about her exact date of birth. She is known to have grown up with a brother who, at the time of her passing, described her as a loving and caring sister who would be missed. Nothing is known about her parents and other relatives.

Despite her young age, Williams’ life was already marked by significant challenges. She had reportedly experienced a troubled childhood and struggled with mental health issues. Her death prompted renewed discussion around the need for better mental health support for young people and increased attention to the point of domestic violence.


Netizens claim that America Williams made many enemies due to her rude attitude and was killed within 24 hours of the incident. In one theory, America was allegedly shot 15 times and killed months after the slapping incident.

Williams was tragically shot 15 times, leading to speculation that the number of gunshots may be related to the number of times she slapped the mother, which is three multiplied by 5.

Or the shooter intentionally shot Williams a specific number of times based on her age at the time of the incident (15 years old).

Who Killed America Williams?

Reports have it that she was shot multiple times by an unidentified shooter. Despite the efforts of the police, no information had been uncovered regarding the identity of America’s killer.

The motive behind the killing is unknown, but netizens on Reddit and Twitter widely speculate that America had gained unknown enemies following her disrespectful action in the viral video, ultimately leading to her demise.

Why did America Williams Slap A Mother?

American Williams’s demise leaves room for questions about what led to her slapping a mother. Her video was leaked on social media to gain attention, but her motive behind slapping a mother remains shrouded.

Netizens claimed that the woman, the mother America was slapping in the video, was the person her girlfriend cheated on her with.

She went to teach the woman a lesson while her girlfriend recorded.

Another group of internet users asserts that she sought retribution for a dispute with a friend.

We may never know the true story, but America Williams’s story remains a myth for now.

While we may not know the motive behind America’s action, we know for sure why Dionne Baugh killed her lover.

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