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Who is Ashlee Duhamel? 

Ashlee Duhamel is widely known for being the sister of Josh Duhamel. Ashlee’s brother, Josh, is a famous American actor known for making appearances in blockbusters films, including the highly-rated NBC sitcom “Las Vegas,” where he played the role of “Danny McCoy.” He is also known for starring in a movie titled Shotgun Wedding alongside Jennifer Lopez. Without an iota of doubt, Ashlee became famous without having to ask for it. However, she does not fancy being popular and stays away from the spotlight even though her brother’s affluence has brought her to it. Tell me facts about Ashlee Duhamel and other intriguing things you may not know about her. Before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at her profile summary.

Profile Summary

NameAshlee Duhamel
ParentsLarry Duhamel & Bonnie L. (Bachmeier) Kemper
Sisters Kassidy Duhamel & McKenzee Duhamel
Brother Josh Duhamel
Famous For Being Josh Duhamel’s Younger Sister
Net worth Unknown

Ashlee Duhamel Biography 

Ashlee Duhamel was born in Minot, North Dakota, in the United States of America. She has not revealed her exact date of birth or age. She was raised by middle-class Americans Larry Duhamel, and Bonnie L. (Bachmeier) Kemper, who’d filed for a divorce from each other when Ashlee was in her teenage years. Her father, Larry, is an advertising salesman, and her mother, Bonnie, is a retired teacher and local businesswoman. Ashlee grew up in the company of her older brother, Josh Duhamel, and her two younger sisters, Kassidy Duhamel, and McKenzee Duhamel. 

She was raised in a strict Christian household that she practices and holds in high esteem. Her ancestry is traced back to German with bits and pieces of French-Canadian, Irish, Austrian, Norwegian, and English. Since she holds American citizenship by birth, she is of the White-American ethnic group. Nevertheless, her last name, “Duhamel,” is said to be a prevalent name amongst Francophones across the globe. 

Looking at her pictures, Ashlee Duhamel has a dark brown pair of eyes, a white skin color, and long blonde curly hair. And although information about her body stats is unknown, she looks considerably fit and healthy. As with most of her life, she has yet to say a thing about her educational background, nor have sources been able to confirm her exact body parameters. 

Ashlee Duhamel Brother

Ashlee Duhamel’s famous brother, Josh Duhamel, was born Joshua David Duhamel on November 14, 1972, in Minot, North Dakota, in the United States of America. He is 51 years old. After he completed college in his early 20s, Josh moved from Minot, North Dakota, to California to pursue a career in the modeling and fashion sectors. He didn’t start with acting or modeling; he was doing odd jobs with his ex-girlfriend(unnamed). A few years after his modeling career started, he won the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA, 1997) competition, for which he was named “Made Model of the Year.”

Ashlee Duhamel Brother Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel (Instagram/JoshDuhamel)

Ashlee Duhamel’s brother has been in the entertainment and fashion industries for over two decades. He started acting in 1999 at 27. He debuted in the ABC soap opera “All My Children,” as Leo du Pres, but he appeared in several music videos before making that debut. Christina Aguilera’s 1999 hit song, “Genie in a Bottle” (1999), and Donna Summer’s 1999 highly-rated song, “I Will Go With You (Con te partiro)” (1999) are some of the songs he made appearances in before movies. His role in the All My Children movie earned him nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2001 and 2003 – he won the award in 2002.

Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez starred in a movie titled Shotgun Wedding – where they played the role of a couple who took their family to a ceremony that pirates later hijacked, and everyone was held, hostage.

Ashlee Duhamel Husband

Ashlee Duhamel is married to Cameron Deschamp. They live in Minot, North Dakota, with their two children. Being married to Cameron let her change her name to Asless Deschamp, which she goes by on her Facebook account.

Ashlee Duhamel with her husband and kids
Ashlee with her family(Facebook/Ashlee Deschamp)

Her famous brother, Josh Duhamel, was previously married to Fergie (married in 2009 and divorced in 2019), with whom he has a child, Axl Jack Duhamel. Axl Jack Duhamel is now Ashlee’s nephew, whose name is known. After his marriage with Fergie ended, Ashlee’s brother got hitched to Audra Mari (married since 2022).

Ashlee Duhamel Net worth 

Ashlee Duhamel’s net worth is kept private, the same way details about her life and career portfolio are unknown. Unlike her, her brother’s (Josh Duhamel) net worth is around $12 million. His fortune is acquired from his modeling and acting careers – which have been running for over three decades and counting. 

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