Breaking: Port-Harcourt serial killer has been apprehended, en-route to Uyo

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News reaching us from the Nigerian Police has it that the Port-Harcourt serial killer has been apprehended by the Nigerian Police, en route to Uyo. The relieving news was confirmed by a tweet made by the Nigerian police via their verified Twitter handle.

The serial killer identified as Gracious Davide West, 26 was arrested yesterday by the force in Rivers state. Gracious David west, from Buguma in Rivers state, is also a member of the Degbam cult group was arrested along East-West Road en route to Uyo from Port Harcourt.

Port-Harcourt serial killer has been apprehended, en-route to Uyo

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The Nigerian police are yet to release an official statement on this matter.

The Port-Harcourt serial notorious killer according to reports is known for a fetish kind of murder. He lures young women to a hotel, kill them and tie a white material on them. The Nigerian police came under fire for not apprehending the killer after three women were found dead in the same manner.

This led to a peaceful protest in Port-Harcourt by a group of young women urging the Nigerian police to step up. Meanwhile, a lady known by her controversy has a piece of advice for young ladies.

Serial killer tweet

The arrest of the serial killer by the Nigerian police, however, is not void of skepticism.

A Nigerian thinks the Nigerian police has the wrong person because the report doesn’t give enough details.



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