CCTV footage shows frightful moment kissing couple falls 50ft to their death

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A couple’s life was brought to an abrupt end after they fell off a 50ft tall bridge in Peru on Saturday by 1:00 am, while kissing. The couple was mountaineers in Cusco who came to serve as tour guides.

CCTV footage shows Frightful moment kissing couple dips 50ft to their death

The couple was walking home from a nightclub at Cusco until the decision to have a romantic moment on Bethlehem bridge.

Maybeth, 34, sat on the Bridge rail while Hector Vidal, 36, stood in front of her as they kissed.

In the disturbing footage shared by Daily mail, Maybeth lost her balance and began slipping down dragging Hector alongside. Maybeth instantaneously lost her life, while Hector sustained a severe head injury, but dies at the hospital where he was rushed to.

So far, no news of couple in romance falling off bridge have been heard in Nigeria – bridges in Nigeria are not usually a nice spot. But cases of people jumping off bridges in an attempt to commit suicide are rampant.

Last year November, a Journalist of Federal Radio cooperation jumped off third mainland bridge into the lagoon in Lagos. He stopped the bus conveying him and other work colleagues only to take a dive into the lagoon. Subsequently, earlier this year, a man was saved from a suicide attempt at the same third mainland bridge.


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