(Twitter Battle) Nigeria vs Uganda – All the funniest tweets

Nigeria versus Uganda, ensued on twitter yesterday as two great African countries unleashed their meme warheads on each other.

It was a fierce battle, we witnessed a historic meme battle after which only one country was left standing – you know the country right ?. Nigeria is known to be come out victorious when it comes to international meme wars, but we’re still finding it difficult to win a world cup.

Brace for impart, as we bring you the memes that made the frontiers.

1. Can Davido really use the whole of Uganda for Pepper soup joint ?

2. Nigerians, we brought this upon ourselves.

Motivational quotes that don’t work on Nigerians

3. Ebuka, come forth.

4. Please you people should not do this to Nigeria.

5. This is no myth.

6. Man of the match gets a skinny chicken ?

7. You donminit.

8. I saw this one coming.

If you have these bad habits in Nigeria, you have to stop

9. This is so not fair.

10. Not fair, no not fair.

11. In summary


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