If you have these bad habits in Nigeria, you have to stop

serious nose picking

One behalf of the good people of Nigeria, I write this to appeal to any Nigerian who has any of these bad habits to stop them right now. There are bad habits some Nigeria do in public that doesn’t speak well of an individual. These bad habits are:

1. Urinating by the roadside.

Urinating on the road

I don’t know the motivation behind urinating by the roadside that causes people to that. Is there any special relief urinating by the roadside gives ? please say in the comment section.

You’ll just be walking on the road, then one young man will just unzip, stick out his “thing”  and get comfortable to start urinating. Some women do this too. She’ll move right above her target spot, open up and start urinating downwards.

Let it just stop.

2. Slandering the government.

in disgrace

The government is not trying, we know. But you, also are not trying by talking trash about them. Besides, bad followers gives room for bad leaders.

3. Dumping refuse at the wrong places.

Refuse dump sign

This one is serious, have you been to Aba ?. Refuse live side by side with humans in some part of Nigeria. It has become a chaotic to the extent people now raise sign boards like the one above.

Seven simple test for HOT TEMPER every Nigerian should take

4. Causing traffic jam deliberately.

traffic jam

5. Concluding a sect by one person’s action.

have sense man pointing head

Nigeria is blessed with diverse ethnic groups and languages, but this have become a problem due to the mentality of some Nigerians and stereotypes. Judging an ethnic group by the action of one person who happens to be from that ethnic group is a backward mentality.

6. Discouraging locally made products.

concluding look

Of what use are you to Nigeria if you don’t purchase her product ? Please re-locate.

7. Borrow Pose.

irritated look grandma

When it’s time for “gbedu” everyone wants to impress, right ? But just make sure its not borrowed on the wrong circumstances.

8. Scratching in public.

Sister scratching
9. Nose picking in public.

Nose picking


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