5 real reasons why anyone would hate Lagos

Lagos, the commercial core of Nigeria, is an excellent place until you read this. There are many things anyone would love about Lagos – it’s Africa’s fastest-growing state, and it contributes 70% of Nigeria’s economic growth.

Most blue-chip companies in Nigeria have headquarters in Lagos, including Yahoo Boys. This means job and greener pastures is assured. Aside from the attractive features of Lagos, there are some annoying facts/reasons you will hate Lagos.

This is coming from a Lagosian who has lived in Lagos for more than 20 years.

Lagos city

Lagos traffic is as long as the river Nile

Some say that you can have breakfast and lunch while waiting for the tight traffic in Lagos to disperse. It’s not everywhere in Lagos, though, because the root cause of the stand-still traffic is illegally parked long vehicles, which are not tolerated everywhere in Lagos.

Lagos is overpopulated

Forget New York times square; nowhere in the world is as busy as Mushin or Ketu. These places are the densely populated suburb of Lagos City, and its inhabitants are mostly Yoruba people. Constant expansion from 1950 led to problems of overcrowding, inadequate housing, and poor sanitation in these areas. However, the overcrowded places also house booming commercial enterprises, including spinning and weaving cotton, shoe manufacturing, bicycle, and motorized-cycle assembly, and the production of powdered milk.

They’ll want to kill you with pepper

Before you get all jittery about Lagos food, take it easy; pepper dey too much. Yoruba women are known to make the chilliest of foods in Nigeria – it’s an inherent culture. You’ll get used to it after a while but must feel it first.

Noise is too just much

Noise pollution is disturbing in Lagos. This is because of overcrowding. Many Nigerians migrate to Lagos to find greener pastures; it’s a 50/50 move. These inter-country migrations to Lagos have made the state the noisiest in Nigeria. However, it is the most developed city in Nigeria too.

Street boys are rampant

Agbero boys, as they are locally addressed, crawl the streets of Lagos, posing threats to people in Lagos. A particular Nigerian police unit- SARS always are poised to apprehend them in their numbers daily. Avoid mainland share.

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Yahoo boys HQ

SARS officials trend in Lagos most because every Yahoo Boy (Online Fraudster) wants to enjoy the intense Lagos life and eventually meet other scam-mates. Why? Because every internet fraud resource is abundant in Lagos.

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