(Crime report) Phone snatcher on Anthony bridge, Lagos, unobstructedly stealing phones daily

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A phone snatcher on Anthony bridge in Lagos in his mid-twenties is being made public by a twitter user who narrated her experience on Anthony Bridge as she witnessed a phone snatcher steal a phone and make away with it, freely.

The user identified as Women in Naija reports that the phone snatcher is male, in his twenties, average in height, uses the same tactics, and goes by the same cloth every day.

Read the thread which bears the story below;

“Pls retweet
There is a guy that roams Anthony Bridge; when you are coming from Gbagada2 Anthony going to Oshodi. He targets commercial buses coming down d bridge to link Anthony underbridge to Town Planning.

My first encounter with him was about two weeks ago. #ReleaseTheIdiot

Around 8;30pm. I saw this young guy, who would be in his early twenties; he can’t be more than 24years old. He was standing on the railings when all of a sudden he started running after the commercial bus in front of me.

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I thought he was one of those boys who…

… stand on the bumpers of buses for free ride to their destination. I felt sorry for him, as I saw him run after the bus. He is struggling to survive, I said to myself as I watched him run frantically towards the bus.

However, he didn’t run towards the back of the bus;…

… he ran to the side and with an experienced speed, his hand went inside the bus through the window and it came out it with a phone in it. I was in shock! He ran towards the opposite direction and was coming towards my direction. Crush him, I said to myself.

But I don’t know why I didn’t and watched as he ran and crossed the road.

The bus had stopped and the passengers could be seen watching him as he ran, they were all confused and shocked and I could see the owner of the phone trying to get down to run after him but other…

… passengers were telling him not to. I felt pity for him.

Following day, almost same time, I saw this same guy at d same location; just by dt railings on d bridge. I could remember his face& he was wearing d same clothes. I quickly pointed him to my husband& told him d story

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A week later, just as I was getting down the bridge, buses and cars in front of me stopped suddenly and I saw this same guy running towards my direction (opposite direction). Suddenly, people were shouting “Ole, Ole, Ole!” ; I joined them in shouting…

so the cars behind me can do something or whatever; but no one got down2 run after him. Apparently, he has done it again. I passed by the bus he had robbed and I could see the passengers discussing in obvious shock.

I just realized something; no one is trying to arrest this guy!

If they really wanted to, they’ll find him there. He is always there. Same spot, same place, same technique!

If u are d victim of this robbery, just look out4 an average height man. He is on d bridge! He targets pple in buses/cars who are sitting by d window& pressin their phone”

phone theif

Another user reports. The same phone snatcher snatches someone’s phone on the same bridge this morning.

“This very morning, about 15 to 30mins ago, same ordeal. A lady was making call, a young guy (18 to 22) came close from behind snatched the phone, crossed the the road and was running so fast.
I can view from the public bus I was on. He has escaped again.” – according to Kene Chukwu.

What to do?

Share this piece of information until it gets to the right agencies to take action.


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