Afeez Agoro, Nigeria’s tallest man, not married

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Afeez Agoro Oladimejil, who holds the record of the tallest man in Nigeria, unofficially, has been forced to debunk rumors that he is married, after controversial pictures surfaced online.

Popular civil right activist, Kayode Ogundamisi shared on twitter pictures of Afeez with another woman (Adewuyi Olufunke) dressed in matching outfit. This instantly sparked rumors that Afeez got married to the lady in the picture below.

Afeez Agoro, Nigeria's tallest man, not married
Afeez with Adewuyi Olufunke

However, Afeez debunked rumors that he is maritally tied to the lady he posed for the camera with.

He said that he only went for a function at Yinkyem school during the school’s 2019 funfair/community impact tagged as “project Smile”. Friends who are close to Afeez subsequently took to social media to confirm Afeez’s actual marital status.

“Please disregard the pictures about my marriage, Not real, I was at a function on Saturday wearing aso ebi.”
Afeez wrote

Afeez Agoro is not married yet. “No put sand sand for the garri”

Jenifa praying

Afeez’s height makes it difficult for him to find a lover – he revealed, don’t make it worse for him, a girl could be shooting her shot somewhere. Meanwhile, many still drop warm heart felt wedding congratulatory messages for Afeez on social media.


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