Dénola Grey Biography, fashion, age, and net worth

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Denola Grey

Denola Grey is one of the astounding fashion gurus in Nigeria. He was nominated as one of the top three best-dressed male celebrities at the Africa Movies Viewers’ Choice Awards held on March 14, 2020. His photos and fashion designs are stunning and unique. He was born and bred in Lagos but his origin is linked to Ogun state. Growing up, he battled with depression for 20 years because of the feminine mannerism that made people call him Barbie. According to him, he tried to adjust to what the society expects for him, but he felt he was empty doing that. The fashionista has gotten over feeling when people tell him he acts like a girl or as a woman. He revealed in an interview that being himself gives him much confidence and he has come to accept the reality that he is half-female. He is not only a fashion designer, but he is also a writer, media consultant, actor, and a full-fledged model of his own. This article will cover in detail the biography of the fashion savant, his career, and his net worth.

Denola Grey Biography

Denola Grey was born on August 13 1990, in Lagos where he grew up. His real name is Denola Adepetun. He hails from Ogun state, a state situated in the western part of Nigeria and pre-dominated by the Yorubas. He is 30 years old as of 2020. He was born into a rich family of entrepreneur parents and 3 boys. His mother once worked in an oil and gas firm before she ditched the well-paying job to start a business. His mum started School Kits Ng when she was 40, in 2000. Her retail and manufacturing business now has 5 branches in Nigeria and more than 100 workers. Grey attended Green spring Schools in Lagos State for his primary school and secondary school education. Part of his secondary school education was at Adesoye College, a boarding school in Offa, Kwara state. After he spent a year at Oxbridge Tutorial College, he proceeded to Baylor University where he graduated with a degree in Media Business, he majored in Analysis of Media and Fashion Market. He worked as a fashion PR in New York before he completed his National Youth Service Corp program.

Denola Grey
Dénola Grey

Growing up he faced a lot of challenges due to his feminine mannerism. He was nicknamed Barbie when he was in secondary school because he wasn’t masculine and didn’t participate in activities as other boys did. but that didn’t hinder him from chasing his goals. This will spark up most people. Denola Grey is still single, cause according to him, a relationship is not a priority at the moment. He hates crocs and describes them as an aberration, however, he is a fascination for Beyoncé.

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Dénola Grey Career

Dénola Grey has a good history of working as a media and fashion consultant for brands. Everything about his fashion and media consultancy career all started when he was an 18-years-old intern working at CMC in 2008. He worked for Fruition Image Consulting in 2010 as a PR manager. In 2012, he expanded his media consultancy skills at PRC Consulting, where he assisted in organizing the New York Fashion Week and a launch party for ACNE Paper magazine. In 2013, he worked at Walter Baker as the handler of the company’s social media activities and branding. After Grey worked with a Lagos-based fashion brand, ALARA Lagos, where he learned the rudiments of the fashion business, he set out to start his brand.

Dénola Grey
Dénola Grey

In 2014, his career took a lift when he worked for EbonyLife TV, Bella Naija, and The Guardian. He recorded fashion tips for EbonyLife’s Fashion for men segment, wrote for BellaNaija and The Guardian as a fashion columnist. Later on, he asked for a guest-host on “EL Now”. In 2015, he was named one of the main anchors of the show. He also produced various fashion projects, like Glam Squad on Africa Magic.

Denola Grey
Denola Grey as Benjamin Castle in Castle & Castle series

Grey’s first acting role was in a series titled Castle & Castle where he acted as Benjamin Castle alongside top Nollywood actors such as RMD, Dorcas Shola, Jude Chukwuka, Blossom Chukwujekwu, and Eku Edewor. He landed the role after EbonyLife production invited him for the audition which he was selected amongst other actors and actresses. He has before rejected movie roles as he didn’t see himself as an actor, but he decided to give this one a shot. Dénola Grey grew to become one of the most successful young fashion gurus in Nigeria. He works with Orange Culture and he is one of the Brand Ambassadors for Lagos Fashion Week (LFW).

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Denola Grey
Denola Grey

Denola admires designs by Tom Ford, an American fashion designer. He aims to accomplish Tom Ford’s exactness and concentration on detail, in his designs. His love for color came from Mr. Banwo, his godfather, who has a fun way of playing with colors that intrigues Grey.

Denola Grey Net worth

Dénola’s net worth has not been estimated, but it is something pretty around $100,000. He has some serious endorsement deals and his fashion designs speak for themselves within and outside Nigeria.

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