Elvira Camarrone Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Nationality, Family, Net worth

Elvira Camarronne

Who is Elvira Camarrone?

Elvira Camarrone is a popular actress that is known for the role she played in the series Caught by the wave and in the movies, she acted as the girlfriend of Roberto Christian. Elvira Camarrone is an upcoming actress and Caught by the wave increased her popularity.

In this article, I would be writing on Elvira Camarrone biography, age, boyfriend, nationality, family, net worth, and other facts about her. First, let’s take a look at her profile below.

NameElvira Camarrone
Date Of Birth1998
Net Worth$3 million

Elvira Camarrone Biography

Elvira Camarrone is an Italian actress that was born in 1998 and the name of her father is David Camarrone while the name of her mother is unknown. Elvira Camarrone attended Local schools of town for her primary education and she furthered her education by attending Scuola Media Marconi Guglielmo. Elvira was born in Palermo and her desire to become an actress made her join the Teatro Ditirammu theatre.

Elvira is a multi talented actress and apart from acting, she is also a trained pianist and dancer in addition, she also does photography in her spare time. Elvira earned a Masters degree in piano from the Conservatory and she also works for modelling agencies in Italy.

Elvira Camarronne biography
Elvira Camarrone

Elvira Camarrone Family

Elvira Camronee is the daughter of a popular Italian journalist David Camarrone but her mother’s name is not disclosed and this is because she keeps her personal issues private. Elvira has three other siblings and the name of her sisters are Monica Camarrone, and Francesca Camarrone while the name of her brother is Marco Camarrone.

Elvira Camarrone Boyfriend

Elvira Camarrone is not single, she is in a relationship with Christian Roberto. Christian Roberto is an actor and he was the one who played the role of boyfriend to Elvira Camarrone in the movie Caught by the wave. He also featured in Sulla Stessa Onda, Caught by a Wave.

Elvira Camarronne Net worth
Elvira Camarrone

Elvira Camarrone Net Worth

Elvira Camarrone is an upcoming actress but her role Caught by the Wave improved her publicity. She is currently worth $3,000,000 with most of her earnings coming from acting, and modeling.


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