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Who is Evelyn Melendez?

There’s no way we can talk about the wives of different celebrities without mentioning Evelyn Melendez. After she tied the knot with the famous singer Jordan Knight, she immediately came into the spotlight, and since then, her name has changed to Evelyn Melendez Knight. She’s also a model. Evelyn is a professional businesswoman, about 1.75cm in height. 

You need to know a few details about Evelyn Melendez biography and other facts about her. Just keep calm as we bring you the tip of the iceberg, which is a profile summary of Evelyn Melendez.

Profile Summary

NamesEvelyn Melendez 
Age53 years
Date of birth 17th May 1970
Occupation Model
Height 5’9″
Weight 58kg
Networth $100,000
Eye color Dak brown
Hair Color Black
Zodiac sign Taurus 

Evelyn Melendez Biography

Evelyn Melendez was born into the family of Melendez on May 17, 1970. She grew up in the United States of America, and her zodiac sign is Taurus. There is no verified information about her siblings or her parents.¬†She is 53 years old, married to Jordan Knight.

Evelyn Melendez Relationship

Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight started dating in the 1990s, and on August 25, 1999, the lovebirds had their first kid named Dante Jordan Knight. Fast forward to September 2004, they got married, and in 2007 they had their second child named Eric Jacob, born on the 21st August.

Although at a certain point, people were carrying rumors that the lovebirds had separated due to certain circumstances, like Jordan’s having a drinking issue and that he was involved in extramarital affairs and was secretly seeing one of his fans.

Before their wedding, Melendez’s husband, Jordan Knight, was initially involved in a romantic relationship with an American actress named Jessica Huntington in 1992. However, their relationship was short-lived because of some misunderstandings, and they separated afterward. Jordan also dated Shanna Moakler in 1996 she had become the runner-up in Miss USA in 1995, but they broke up in 1997.

As of September 12, 2021, Evelyn and Jordan celebrated their 17th marriage anniversary, contrary to the rumor that had been going around about their separation.

Evelyn Melendez Spouse

Jordan Knight is an American singer, songwriter, and actor, and he was popularly known for his role as the lead singer of a boy band known as “The New Kids On The Block,” which became famous in the 1980s and 1990s. He later decided to launch a solo career.

Apart from the information we gathered about Evelyn Melendez, a professional model, we don’t have any idea about how she started or if she could enroll in a fashion school or so.

Evelyn Melendez Education

Apart from the fact that every Melendez came to the spotlight after she got married to the Knights, there’s no real valid information about her, and she’s here to disclose it, especially as it concerns her educational background.

Evelyn Melendez Social Media Handles

Evelyn Melendez is a typical example of an individual who’s decided to keep her life private, offline and online. There are no social media accounts that Evelyn Melendez officially owns. She has decided to keep her life off social media and its dramas.

Evelyn Melendez Family

Evelyn Melendez was born in the United States of America, and she also grew up there, but we are yet to place our hands on information that has to do with her parents or her siblings. For now, this information is yet to be known to the public.

Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Melendez
Evelyn Melendez and her husband Jordan Melendez

Evelyn and Jordan are blessed with two children, they announced the welcome of their first baby in December 1998, and their children are gradually jogging off their teenage period; their first infant Dante Jordan Knight was born on August 25, 1999.

When their toddler was about seven years old, they welcomed another baby in Boston on February 21, 2007, who weighed seven pounds and five ounces. 

The relatives of Knight Melendez were exuding a complete sense of pleasure and happiness.

Evelyn Melendez Net worth

As a model, Evelyn Melendez has been able to generate quite some wealth on her own, although her husband’s net worth is far more than hers. But her net worth is estimated at $100,000.

Evelyn Melendez Occupation

She is a model and the celebrity wife of famous singer Jordan Knight. There is a probability that she might have other businesses in which she might engage herself, but we are yet to ascertain if that information is valid.

One cannot completely go wrong to say that despite being rich and famous, the marriage union between Evelyn and Jordan has come this far for several reasons, one of which is their abstinence from the media. This is most likely valid since the marriages of celebrities rarely last as long as this. In this light, readers should learn from Evelyn’s biography that the influence of social media on marriages is something to pay attention to.

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