Jacob Payne Net Worth

Jacob Payne is an American TV personality, NFL player, and celebrity spouse with a net worth of $100,000. He earns most of his income from his career in football and television appearances.

He is known for his role in TV series such as Basketball Wives (2023) and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (2015). Payne is also known for his marriage with Natalie Nunn, one of the infamous personalities on the hit reality series The Bad Girl’s Club.

Jacob Payne Net worth
Jacob Payne (Instagram)

His career had seemingly moved with an unassuming ambiance, starting off from a simple backdrop deeply rooted in his family ties to his wild days as a celebrity spouse; while little is known about his career as a football much of his days have been spent in the spotlight alongside his wife.

Who is Jacob Payne?

Jacob Payne is Natalie Nunn’s ex-husband and a popular NFL football player. As a familiar face in reality television, Payne has made a name for himself through his appearances on various reality TV shows. Perhaps one of the reasons he’s most recognized is his role as the loving husband of Natalie Nunn, a well-known personality in the reality TV sphere. Together, they’ve shared the spotlight on shows like “Bad Girls Club” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” showcasing their relationship dynamics and captivating audiences.

Jacob payne on black suit
Jacob Payne (Instagram)

Before diving into the whirlwind world of reality television, Jacob reportedly pursued a career in professional football. While the specifics of his football journey remain shrouded in mystery, including the teams he played for and the extent of his professional accomplishments, it’s clear that his passion for the sport once ran deep, like blood through his veins. Whether he still maintains ties to football in some way remains a question mark.

Beyond the glitz and drama of reality TV, Jacob has ventured into entrepreneurship. Although details about his business ventures are somewhat limited, it’s evident that he’s explored various avenues in pursuit of success. Nevertheless, it appears that his primary source of income stems from his involvement in reality TV and related ventures in the entertainment industry.

Jacob Payne has carved out a place for himself as a public figure, largely thanks to his appearances on reality TV shows and his enduring connection with Natalie Nunn. While the specifics of his career and entrepreneurial endeavors remain somewhat elusive, his presence on television is undeniable.

Jacob Payne on his jet ski
Jacob Payne on his jet ski (Instagram)

Profile Summary

NameJacob Durand Payne
Age33 years old
Date of birthJuly 18, 1990
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
ProfessionNFL player
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
ChildrenJourney Ruth Payne
Marital StatusSingle

Marital Status

Payne was married to Natalie Nunn, a reality television personality who achieved fame through her participation in shows such as “Bad Girls Club,” “Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too,” “Bridezillas,” and “Bad Girls All-Star Battle.” The couple met in Detroit, Michigan, presumably while she was making an appearance in the year 2011. The pair had crossed paths, after which they decided to get married the following year.

Natalie Nunn with Jacob Payne and their duaghter Journey Payne
Natalie Nunn with Jacob Payne and their daughter Journey Payne (Instagram)

How Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn Met

Love stories often begin in the most unexpected places, and for Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn, it all started in a vibrant Arena of Football, Jacob Payne, back in 2011. Jacob Payne was making his debut for the Arizona Rattlers when he crossed paths with Natalie Nunn. Fate played a huge factor as they were introduced by a stroke of luck, sparking a connection that would change their lives forever. Their chemistry was electric, and it didn’t take long for them to realize they had something special.

Jacob was immediately captivated by Natalie’s stunning beauty and her vivacious, outgoing personality. Her charisma was impossible to resist. Meanwhile, Natalie was drawn to Jacob’s self-assured confidence and infectious sense of humor. Their initial conversation felt like they had known each other for years, and it was clear that a powerful bond was forming.

After that fateful night, they exchanged numbers, and their love story began to unfold. Despite the challenges that came their way, including the hurdles of long-distance dating and the intense scrutiny accompanying life in the public eye, their love only grew stronger with time. They were determined to make it work, fueled by their deep affection for each other.

In April 2012, their commitment reached new heights as Jacob and Natalie decided to take the plunge and get married. Their journey from that nightclub encounter to exchanging vows was a testament to the enduring power of love, proving that sometimes, the most remarkable love stories start with a chance meeting in the most unexpected of places.

Controversy: Are They Still Married?

There have been some controversies surrounding the marriage of Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn. In 2019, rumors circulated that Payne had cheated on Nunn with another woman. Nunn publicly addressed the rumors on social media and denied that Payne had been unfaithful. However, in 2020, Nunn announced that she was filing for divorce from Payne, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was reportedly finalized in 2021. Both parties have since moved on and are currently pursuing their respective careers.

acob Payne and Natalie Nunn in love
Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn in love (Instagram)

Amid a whirlwind of rumors, there was a genuine spark of truth. Natalie, who had been invited as a participant to the Big Brother house, found herself entangled in a passionate romance with Dan Osbourne, one of her fellow housemates. While the unique and intimate atmosphere of the house often catalyzed such connections, Jacob remained resolute in his stance. To him, loyalty transcended all else, and he simply couldn’t accept the burgeoning relationship. It was another case of any typical Hollywood drama, a rose amidst shards of glass; Dan Osbourne had proven to be an unfamiliar enemy.

This news was made public Knowledge after Chloe Ayling, another housemate who engaged in a threesome with Dan and Natalie, had let out the news. She moved that in her presence, Dan had engaged in extreme intimacy with Natalie and would go on to engage her later. Upon reacting to the news, Jacob had left for a friend’s house, citing he needed some time off.

Jacob Payne vs. Dan Osbourne

Though Jacob didn’t engage Dan physically, his actions had pointed out his utter displeasure and angst against both his spouse and Dan. For one, he had moved out of the house he shared with Natalie after Dan made endeavors to get in touch with Natalie, and Natalie agreeing to hang out with him behind Jacob’s back.

Dan strongly desired to meet Natalie in Los Angeles, proposing they go out for dinner or hit a club, just the two of them. He actively texted and slid into her DMs, persistently requesting a meetup. Natalie, finding the idea of showing him around LA appealing, initially entertained the notion.

However, the situation changed when Jacob discovered Natalie’s messages to Dan. He adamantly forbade her from meeting him, expressing deep mistrust. Jacob found it highly suspicious that a married man was urging Natalie to fly to LA for a private rendezvous, suspecting that Dan had ulterior motives and intended to pursue a romantic encounter with her.

Reportedly, Natalie eventually agreed not to go through with the meetup.


Jacob Payne has only one child, born in 2017; his beloved daughter carries the charming name Journey Ruth Payne. This endearing young girl is the cherished offspring of Natalie Nunn, who is in a marital union with Jacob Payne. Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne have enjoyed desirable public recognition to the degree that their personal life has become a particular subject that the media has shared insights on, highlighting their delightful Journey.

Journey Ruth Payne with Jacob Payne
Journey Ruth Payne with Jacob Payne (Instagram)

Journey’s presence has captivated the public’s hearts, sparking significant interest and adoration. Countless articles and heartfelt reports have commemorated special moments in her life, such as her joyous first birthday celebration.

As a result, Journey Ruth Payne has earned a well-deserved place in the spotlight, not just as the daughter of Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn but also as a cherished figure within media and entertainment, much like her esteemed parents.

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