Nicholas Hoult Net Worth, Height, Education, and Awards

Nicholas Hoult’s net worth is astounding, and here’s why. Born on December 7, 1989, in Wokingham, UK, Nicholas, also known as Tony by some, gained fame through his roles in films such as About a Boy, X-Men, and Warm Bodies.

He has also been in a relationship with an actress named Teresa Palmer. Nicholas is a Sagittarius, and he is 34 years old.

Net Worth

Nicholas Hoult Net Worth 1
Nicholas Hoult Showing off his Ferrari sports car- Ferrari 488 GTE (Instagram)

Nicholas Hoult is a rich English actor and model with much money. His net worth is around $8 million. He has been in many kinds of movies, from big ones to less popular ones that his fans may not know about.

He is not just good at acting in movies but also great on stage when he performs in front of people.

One of the movies that made him famous was “About a Boy” in 2002, which was all about what it is like to grow up. He has also been in big movie series like “X-Men” and “Mad Max.”

He is not just into big movies; he has also acted in smaller ones like “Kill Your Friends,” “The Menu,” and “The Favourite,” and he did such a good job that everyone thought he was amazing!

He has been on TV in a show called “The Great.” So, he is not just a regular actor; Nicholas is a super successful one!

Homes and Car Collections

Nicholas Hoult with his Ferrari 488 GTE
Nicholas Hoult with his Ferrari 488 GTE (Instagram)

Nicholas Hoult does not have just one house but many. Some are in the United Kingdom, and some are in different parts of the world. One of his homes is in St. John’s Wood, and he also has a big villa in North London.

And guess what? He loves cars! He has a bunch of fancy cars, like a Jaguar F Type, a Jaguar XF, a Jaguar XE, a Ferrari 488 GTE, and even more cool ones. He is not shy about showing off his awesome car collection!

Career Highlights and Awards

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Nicholas Hoult on his Giorgio Armani suit (Instagram)

Nicholas Hoult comes from a family of talented actors but didn’t start acting until he was three. In 1996, when he was still pretty young, he decided to try professional acting.

Even though he’s really, really good at acting, he doesn’t see it as a super serious job. Instead, he thinks of it as a fun hobby that he enjoys doing. It’s like he gets to play make-believe and have a blast on the big screen!

Nicholas Hoult has been in some cool movies like X-Men, Jack the Giant Slayer, About a Boy, Clash of the Titans, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

People think he is good at acting, so he’s been nominated for many important awards, like the BAFTA Rising Star and Golden Globe Awards. He even won some awards, like the Phoenix Film Awards! So, he is like a superstar in the movie world.

Early Life

Nicholas Hoult was born on December 7, 1989, in Wokingham, England. His family has been part of the entertainment world for a long time, especially in acting. His mom teaches music, and his dad is a pilot.

Nicholas is the oldest of three siblings. He has one brother and two sisters, and guess what? They are all actors, too! Nicholas loved looking after his siblings, which made him want to be an actor. He even took ballet lessons with one of his sisters and performed together in different shows.


When Nicholas Hoult started his journey as an actor, he did not pay as much attention to regular school subjects.

First, he went to The Sixth Form College and joined the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Finally, he completed his education at Ranelagh School. It’s like he went to special schools that helped him become a great actor!

Personal Life

Nicholas Hoult Net Worth Height Education and Awards
Nicholas Hoult (Credits: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Nicholas Hoult’s personal life has been a bit like a movie plot with ups and downs.

First, there were talks that he and famous actress Jennifer Lawrence had been dating on and off for five years. But now, he has been linked to American model Bryana Holly Bezlaj since 2017, and they even became parents to a son, Joaquin Hoult, in 2018.

So, Nicholas’s love life has twists and turns, just like a good movie!

Nicholas Hoult’s love life has undergone some changes. First, he was said to have been dating famous actress Jennifer Lawrence for five years. Then, he started going out with a model named Bryana Holly Bezlaj, and they have had a son together since 2018.


Nicholas Hoult is tall, standing at about 6 feet 2 inches. He is also in great shape, weighing around 187 pounds, which is just right for his height.

As an actor, he changes his body to fit different roles. Sometimes, he gets stronger and bigger, like when he played the Beast in the X-Men movies. Other times, he loses weight to look different, like in the film “The Current War.”

His talent for changing his appearance height and being in good shape helps him do a great job in movies and TV shows.


Nicholas Hoult campaign for AcquaForLife
Nicholas Hoult campaign for AcquaForLife

Outside of acting, Nicholas Hoult is a real-life hero. He helps kids and others in need through his charity work. He is like a spokesperson for a group called the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, which protects kids from bad things.

Nicholas has been a big supporter of a charity called the Teenage Cancer Trust since 2009. He visits teenagers who are fighting cancer and helps them feel better. He even went on an adventure in India to raise money for this charity, and another one called the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Because he has done so much good, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children put him in their Hall of Fame in 2010.

He also went to Nairobi, Kenya, under the AcquaForLife campaign to help people get clean water and better toilets. He is a real-life superhero, both on and off the big screen!

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