All The Kids Liv Tyler Has Given Birth To And Their Fathers

Liv Tyler, actress and daughter of Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell, gained fame before her breakout role in the film Stealing Beauty (1996).

She’s raising a famous family with her husband, sports agent Dave Gardner, in London, England.

After doing some modeling, Liv Tyler began acting in her dad Steven Tyler’s music videos for Aerosmith’s songs “Amazing” and “Crazy.” She also appeared in movies like Silent Fall, Heavy, and Empire Records in the mid-1990s.

Later on, she starred in big films like Armageddon, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies, The Leftovers, and Harlots. People really liked her performance in The Leftovers.

Besides her acting career, Liv raised a family and now lives in London. Let’s find out more about her family and kids.

Liv Tyler Children

Here is an information table summarizing the children Liv Tyler has given birth to and their fathers.

Child’s NameBirthdateFather
Milo William2004-12-14Royston Langdon
Sailor Gene2015-02-01Dave Gardner (ex-husband)
Lula Rose2016-07-01Dave Gardner (ex-husband)
GreyN/ADave Gardner
(from a previous marriage with Davinia Taylor)

Liv Tyler is famous for being awesome in movies and TV. But she’s also a mom.

Her oldest, Milo William, was born in 2004 when she married Royston Langdon.

Liv and Royston started dating in 1998, engaged in 2001, and married in March 2003. After their son Milo was born four years later, they separated. Royston is a musician in the rock band Spacehog.

Liv got engaged to sports and entertainment manager Dave Gardner in 2015.

They had a son named Sailor Gene that same year, and their daughter, Lula Rose, was born the next year.

David has a son, Grey Gardner (16 years old), from his marriage to another actress, Davinia Taylor.

Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2021, and Liv moved to Los Angeles, as reported by The Sun. The news of their separation was kept secret until March 2021.

Liv and David had their first kid, Sailor Gene (9 years old), in February 2015 and then their second, Lula Rosa (7 years old), in July 2016.

Lula Rose
Lula Rose
Sailor Gene
Sailor Gene

The children Liv Tyler has given birth to are;

  • Milo William Langdon (19 years old, Liv’s son from her ex-husband Royston Langdon)
  • Grey Gardner (Dave’s son from his ex-wife Davinia Taylor)
  • Sailor Gene
  • Lula Rose

Liv said being a parent is way more exciting and beautiful than you might think. She thinks becoming a parent changes you forever, and it helps you understand other parents and your own.

She remembers the advice her mom gave her as a kid and tries to talk to her children like her mom did. Her advice for new moms is not to worry too much. Even though you learn as you go, Liv wouldn’t change anything about being a mom.

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Her Son Milo is All Grown Up

The actress shared a picture on Instagram of her son, Milo, at his high school graduation.

Liv Tyler milo graduation

In the photo, Milo is way taller than his famous mom, and he’s holding his little sister, Lula, on his shoulders.

The actress looks really proud, standing next to her grown-up son. She’s wearing a bright pink blouse tucked into red paper bag trousers, and Milo looks handsome in a blue suit with a white shirt and a blue and white checkered tie. The actress captioned the post, “Milo the graduate!!!!!!”

In another post, there’s a picture of Milo with a serious face, carrying Lula on his shoulders again.

Having an older brother is cool! Lula looks super happy up there, smiling away. Last July, Liv shared a nice picture of her and Milo hugging in the wild, with their eyes closed, under a cloudy sky.

Her Kids Featured in a GAP Commercial

Liv Tyler, the actress, has a cool idea to help moms everywhere through a new campaign with GAP.

Liv directed the ad for the clothing store herself. It’s all to support a charity called Every Mother Counts, and they’re all about making childbirth safer.

The ad was called “Mama Said,” and it supported a group called Every Mother Counts, which helps make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms.

Liv’s kids, Sailor and Lula, are the ad’s stars. Supermodel Coca Rocha and daughter Ioni were also there.

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