Catharine Daddario Net Worth: How Rich Is Alexandra Daddario’s Actress-Sister?

Catharine Daddario is an American social media sensation, voice-over artist, and actress known for her roles in movies such as “Donna Stronger Than Pretty” (2020).

Catharine Daddario is also the daughter of Richard Daddario, a renowned American Attorney.

She is also active on Instagram, with over 195k followers under the username @catdaddario, where she shares photos and videos.

Net Worth

According to multiple sources, Catharine Daddario has amassed an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Like her sister Alexandra, Catharine earns her income through acting projects, modeling work, and lucrative brand sponsorships on social media.

Sources suggest Catharine earns between $40,000 and $50,000 monthly as a salary from her acting career. She has an increasing number of acting credits, including roles in indie films such as Alia’s Birth and My Best Friend’s Dead.

Catharine is on her way to building considerable wealth through her entertainment career. As she lands more prominent acting roles and expands her social media presence, her various endeavors position Catharine for likely financial success in the years to come.

Catharine Daddario is strategically positioned to keep increasing her net worth over time with her famous sister’s name recognition, modeling contracts, and a growing Instagram presence. Her multifaceted skillset hints at a promising financial future.


Catharine Daddario is an up-and-coming actress making her mark in the film and television industry. Despite having famous siblings, Matthew and Alexandra, Catharine has steadily built her diverse portfolio, showcasing her unique talent and potential.

Catharine was born in New York City in 1992 and pursued a different career from her parents. She graduated from college with a degree in fashion and retail merchandising.

However, her love for acting eventually led her to begin training, and she landed her first on-screen role. She started with minor parts in movies such as “The Internship” and “Lake Artifact” before gaining more recognition in 2022 for her role as Kelly in the popular Polish drama sequel “365 Days: This Day.”

Catharine has also appeared in episodes of TV shows such as “The Bold Type,” “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,” and “I’m Losing You.” In recent short films such as “Misfortune Cookies” and “Where the Light Enters,” she has taken on more leading roles, showcasing her dramatic range.

In addition to acting, Catharine is also active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she collaborates with fashion brands and gives her 195,000+ followers a glimpse into her life.

Catharine Daddario’s prospects look promising as she seeks out new and diverse projects while honing her craft. Although she is still early in her career, she has already demonstrated dedication and talent that could lead to even more significant success.

With her growing repertoire and presence across various mediums, Catharine is on her way to making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.


Here’s a complete filmography of Catharine Daddario, categorized by type of project:


  • 2013: The Internship (uncredited)
  • 2017: Wilde Eastern (short film) – Scarlet Redd
  • 2019: Lake Artifact – Haley
  • 2020: The Retreat – Frieda
  • 2020: Monstrous – Haley
  • 2020: White Whale (short film) – Snob (voice)
  • 2020: Donna: Stronger Than Pretty – Donna
  • 2021: Alai’s Birth – Kelly
  • 2022: I’m Losing You (short film) – Bea
  • 2022: Dying for a Crown (TV movie) – Elle
  • 2022: The Rose Ceremony (short film)
  • 2022: Where the Light Enters (short film) – Charlotte
  • 2023: The Tomorrow Job – Cici
  • 2023: Oak (post-production) – Amber Chase
  • 2024: The Midway Point (completed) – Alice
  • 2024: The Tributaries (post-production) – Robbie
  • 2024: Second Chances (TV series) (post-production) – Kari
  • TBA: Lore Harbour (pre-production) – Samantha Chanlin


  • 2017: The Bold Type (recurring) – Lily Parker
  • 2020: The Good Fight – Piper Vega
  • 2020: After Life (TV short) – Lucy
  • 2022: Dance Dads (guest) – Carlie Goodhart

Music Video

  • 2020: Kent Moran: Hold on to Me (Catharine Daddario)
  • 2019: Wyland: Nowhere (Catharine Daddario)

This list includes Catharine’s completed projects, upcoming appearances, and even short films or voice-acting roles. This filmography will grow with new and exciting ventures as her career continues.


While Catharine Daddario hasn’t yet racked up a long list of awards and nominations like her brother Matthew, she has received recognition for her talent and performances throughout her career.

She has won five awards and received two nominations for her work in the film industry.

Here’s a list of her achievements:

  • Accolade Competition 2020: Winner, Accolade Global Film Competiton Award of Merit: Liberation / Social Justice / Protest for Donna Stronger Than Pretty
  • SoHo International Film Festival 2020: Nominated, Festival Prize for Best Feature Film for Donna Stronger Than Pretty
  • Chelsea Film Festival 2020: Nominated, Award for Best Feature Film for Donna Stronger Than Pretty
  • Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival 2020: Winner, Audience Award for Best Feature Film for Donna Stronger Than Pretty
  • Chandler International Film Festival 2021: Winner, CIFF Award for Best Feature Film for Donna Stronger Than Pretty
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival 2020: Winner, Gold Award for Best Feature Film – Drama for Donna Stronger Than Pretty
  • Pinnacle Film Awards 2020: Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Feature Film for Donna Stronger Than Pretty

While Catharine Daddario’s awards shelf may not be overflowing yet, her talent, dedication, and critical acclaim are undeniable.

As she continues to take on diverse roles and pursue her passions, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for this talented actress and advocate.

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