Who is Cameron Liss, Stetson Bennett’s Girlfriend?

Cameron Liss is one figure intricately tied to the magnetic personage of Stetson Bennett, the star quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Stetson’s remarkable contributions to the University of Georgia Bulldogs, highlighted by the dazzling 65-7 triumph over Texas Christian University on January 9, 2023, have taken the brunt of his career. However, his prowess extends beyond executing long-ranged passes and securing winning touchdowns; Stetson has been involved in more than just his on-field performances.

His close relationship with Cameron Liss has given another shade of delight to the public, and while this has largely been driven by Bennett’s commanding presence in college football, the condition to which this pair had met had propelled these two into the limelight.

Cameron Liss herself has become a pivotal figure, with people yearning to know more about the influence she’s had on the personal life of Bennett,

Who really is Cameron Liss? and what is her Deal?

Liss was born on February 2, 1998, and she shares a personal connection and cultural bond with Bennett, which is rooted in their vibrant Bulldogs community. Despite her affiliation with a public figure, Liss prefers to keep herself away from the camera. However, she occasionally graces the stands to support Bennett during his electrifying games passionately.

Profile Summary

NameCameron Liss
Date of Birth February 2, 1998
Age 26 years old
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Ethnicity White
Relationship statusin a Relationship with Stetson Bennett
SiblingsVictoria and Nicole Liss
Parents Christy and Michael Liss
Networth Under review

Early Life

Cameron Liss Bennett, born February 2, 1998, to Christy and Michael Liss, is an Aquarius from Atlanta, Georgia.

As one of three children to Christy, an Atlanta-based Attorney, and Mike Liss, a VP at SAP services, Cameron learned to navigate typical middle-child dynamics alongside siblings Victoria and Nichole.

Growing up in Atlanta, Cameron’s early life was immersed in the local sports community.

A committed Bulldogs fan, her attachment to the team has depicted a deep investment in the local sporting culture. Raised in a family of five, she shares a deep connection with Stetson Bennett, a notable figure in American college football.

Cameron and Stetson have ties to Bulldogs’ territory, with Cameron being a lifelong fan of the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team.

While Cameron’s early experiences in social events, particularly those revolving around football games, are evident, much of The focus on available information centers primarily on her relationship with Stetson Bennett.

Partnering with a public figure like Stetson, Cameron’s early experiences equipped her to handle the attention that comes with such associations. The mystery surrounding her early life adds an intriguing layer to her connection with the football star, much of which is lost to the anonymity surrounding her background.

At 26 years old, standing at 5’6″, Cameron Liss Bennett’s current profile is detailed, but information about her formative years remains largely uncharted.


Cameron Liss has a solid educational background rooted in renowned institutions in Georgia.

Initially beginning her academic voyage at a local primary school, She attended St. Pius X Catholic High School, known for shaping graduates who achieve success in collegiate and professional pursuits.

This educational tradition is shared with her siblings, Victoria, a graduate of Ole University, and Nichole Liss, a student at the University of Georgia. Highlighting the family’s commitment to education within this community.

After graduating from St. Pius X Catholic High School, Cameron continued her education at the University of Georgia (UGA), running a dual degree in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She graduated in 2020.

This had been the stepping stone for many of her renowned career endeavors. No doubt, she has become a successful Physician, volunteering in Antigua, Guatemala, for a medical mission trip and at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital while serving as an active member of UGA’s MedLife.

Personal Life: How Did The Pair Meet?

Cameron Liss with Stetson Bennett

Cameron Liss and Stetson Bennett were in a relationship for several years. They met at Athens, the University of Georgia, where Bennett played football, and Liss was a student.

The couple was known for their public displays of affection and often shared photos of each other on social media.

However, in 2022, rumors circulated that the couple had broken up. These rumors were confirmed when Liss posted a cryptic message on social media suggesting she was single. Bennett, however, has not publicly commented on the breakup.

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