Natalee Vitagliano Biography, Age, Marriage, Husband, Net worth

Some well-known individuals become persons of interest due to the fact that they are married to famous people. This is the case of Natalee Vitagliano, she became famous for being married to Dontrelle Willis, an American former left-handed professional baseball pitcher.

Early childhood and Education

Natalee Vitagliano was born in the 1990s in America. The exact year in which she was born and her hometown is unknown to the general public. Furthermore, Natalee has not disclosed any information concerning her early childhood.

Also, concerning her education, there is no concrete information about what high school or college she might have attended. However, what is known is that Natalee studied law while in college and she is a law school graduate.

Natalee Vitagliano’s marital status

Natalee Vitagliano is married to Former American left-handed professional baseball pitcher, Dontrelle Willis. The year they both met is unknown but they began dating in the year 2004. After 2 years of dating, the couple got engaged in February 2006 before tying the knot on December 8, 2006. At the time of the engagement, Natalee had just passed the bar and graduated from law school.

Natalee and Dontrelle have been married for 16 years and currently have 4 beautiful daughters together. Adrianna Rose Willis, who is 15 years old, Bianca Willis, who is 14 years old, Jasmine Willis, who is 11 years old, and Gigi Willis who is 6 years old.

Natalee Vitagliano children
Natalee Vitagliano’s Children

Natalee Vitagliano’s Husband

Natalee Vitagliano’s husband Dontrelle Willis is a famous former left-handed professional baseball pitcher. He played in major league Baseball for Arizona Diamondbacks, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, and Florida Marlins. His unconventional pitching style which included an exaggerated twisting away from the batter and a high leg kick made him stand out from his teammates and thus led to his success during his first few years in the major leagues.

Furthermore, he got his love for sports from his mother, Joyce, who played in elite-level softball leagues when Dontrelle was just a child. Also, his father Clinton Ostah who he never knew was a minor league player in the 1970s. 

Dontrelle Willis, like most successful athletes, started his career in high school. He attended Encinal High School where he played baseball for 4 years in Alameda. During his senior year in 2000, he was named California Player of the Year. While still in high school, he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 8th round of the 2000 Major League Baseball draft.

However, he began his professional career in 2002 with the Florida Marlins. His shot into stardom came in the 2003 season when his team played against the Colorado Rockies. His exceptional performances during the 2003 season led him to be awarded the title of National League Rookie of the Year.

Dontrelle had a few good years from 2003 to the 2005 season. In April 2005, he was awarded the title of NL Pitcher of the month for his outstanding performances. However, he had a bad season in 2006 when his numbers went down. He didn’t let it weigh him down and made a comeback when he had his 50th career win against the Baltimore Orioles in June of 2006. 

Subsequently, Dontrelle joined the Detroit Tigers in 2007, where he played for 3 years and sustained a knee injury. Upon his exit from the club in May 2010, he joined the Arizona Diamondbacks where he played for just a year. After playing for numerous notable clubs such as the Philadelphia Phillies, Norfolk Tides, and many more, Dontrelle retired from baseball on March 13, 2015.

During his career, Dontrelle Willis received a lot of accolades for his amazing performances in the sports industry.

Natalee Vitagliano’s Appearance.

Born to a white family, Natalee is of Caucasian descent. She has long blonde hair which she sometimes dyes black and has dark brown eyes. 

Information about her height and weight is unknown but from the few times she has appeared in public, it can be speculated that she is of average height and slender.

Social media presence

Natalee Vitagliano lives a quiet and private life therefore she’s not active on any of the major social media platforms. However, her husband is active on Twitter and Instagram. His social media pages are littered with pictures of his family and sometimes we get a peep into the private life of his wife, Natalee Vitagliano.

Net worth

There is no information about what Natalee Vitagliano does for a living or what her source of income is, therefore it’s impossible to estimate her net worth. However, her husband is estimated to have a net worth of 20 million dollars as of 2020.

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