Ola G. Furuseth Biography, Career, Height, Age, Net worth

Who is Ola G. Furuseth? 

Ola Gundersby Furuseth, otherwise known as Ola G. Furuseth is a Norwegian film & television series actor, who is known for his appearance in “In Order of Disappearance.” 

Ola G. Furuseth is mainly known for his appearances in blockbuster movies like “Halvbroren (2013), In Order of Disappearance (2014), and 22 July (2018).” In this post, I will share with you facts about Ola G. Furuseth and some other interesting things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at his profile.

Profile summary

NameOla G. Furuseth
Age48 years
Date of birth8th April 1975
FacebookOla G. Furuseth
Net worth$500,000 – $3 million

Ola G. Furuseth Biography 

Famous for featuring in “Halvbroren (2013), In Order of Disappearance (2014), and 22 July (2018),” Ola G. Furuseth was born on the 8th of April 1975 in his home country, Norway.

Raised in Norway, Ola Gundersby Furuseth had childhood years filled with memories of his adventurous childhood endeavors. Holding Norway citizenship by birth, Ola is ethically White and more likely, practices the Christian religion. 

Ola G. Furuseth biography
Ola G. Furuseth(right)

Ola G. Furuseth Education 

Between 1994 and 1995, Ola attended Romerike Folkehøgskole. Later, he proceeded to the prestigious University of Oslo ( in the spring of 1999), where he obtained an intermediate degree in Theatre Studies. 

Moreover, he studied and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from the prestigious Arts Educational School, London, the United Kingdom—between 1999 and 2002. 

Ola G. Furuseth Career

Kick-started a career as an employee at Trøndelag Theater in Trondheim in 2002, Ola G. Furuseth worked in the said company until 2010.

Upon his resignation, Ola Gundersby Furuseth got another job at Teatret Vårt in Molde and later, at Det Norske teatret in Oslo.

A known audiobook reader, Ola G. Furuseth has been working at the Norwegian Theater in Oslo since 2019. As it is, he combines working at the Theater with his career in the movies. 

Having been in the movies for a couple of years now, Ola Gundersby Furuseth has made a name for himself in the industry. 

Ola G. Furuseth Movies, TV Shows 

Since his career in the movies started, Ola has featured in a good number of movies/TV shows, and these are some of them, arranged in no particular order of importance: 

  • 2020: Witch hunt
  • 2002–2006: Melonas
  • 2018: 22 July (the role of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg) 
  • 2014–2015: The struggle for existence (the role of Vidkun Rotevatn
  • 2019: Magnus, playing the role of Arthur
  • 2007: Six Like Us, playing the role of “Kurt” in two episodes
  • 2013: The half-brother

Ola G. Furuseth Height 

Whilst details of Ola Gundersby Furuseth are a missing piece of information, we won’t be wrong to presume that he has a good body physique and so should stand good feet above the ground. 

Ola G. Furuseth Birthday, Age 

As you may have noticed from the third paragraph of this article, Ola G. Furuseth was born on the 8th of April. Side by side, he was 48 years old at the time this article was last updated.

Ola G. Furuseth Instagram 

Furuseth is on the picture and video-sharing app Instagram with his professional name, “Ola G. Furuseth.” On the internet, he has a huge number of people following him. 

Ola G. Furuseth Net worth 

Ola G. Furuseth has an estimated net worth of between $500,000 thousand and $3 million. He earns his net worth from his career as a television and film actor. 

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