Sex for Grade – Gay physics lecturer of Ekiti state University exposed

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Ekiti state uniVersity students

Following the shocking report of a sexual harassing UNILAG lecturer who was brought to BBC Africa, another twitter user has called out one Mr. Eyiwunmi of the Physics department. – Ekiti State University as gay.

@ilivelike6 said he had to call out Mr. Eyiwunmi cause “Y’all were making it look like females were seducing lecturers” – the case of the UNILAG lecturer. According to the Twitter user, the lecturer sexually abuses young boys in his offices but will still fail the student.

“The Shameless man would suck your d!ck and still fail you in his course cause you are a fine boy 🤮🤮”

@ilivelike6 mentioned that he was 14 when Mr. Eyiwunmi started invading his privacy and he dropped out of the school due to low CGPA, thanks to Eyiwunmi.

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Read the tweet thread by @ilivelike6.

Other Twitter users confirm the allegation.

Retweeting and commenting on the tweet allegation made by @ilivelike6, a twitter user confirms that he has heard of the gay physics lecturer. Another recounts how a friend was failed twice and got an extra year.


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