Struggles of being an intelligent student

Being an Intelligent student comes with a shit load of overwhelming challenges, especially when you’re the only one in the class. You didn’t bring it upon yourself but you have to bear these burdens, only because you are brainy.

You become the teacher’s yardstick.

pointing teacher

Why can’t you be, just like David, he got an “A”.

They assume you know it all.

shocked student

But, I’m just a student like you.

Girls only come for your brain.

the rock

And you wonder if that is the only thing they see.

You can’t fail a single question in class and you can’t fail to answer a single question in class.

Clever guy

You’re the most-wanted during Examination.

IQ lady

Obi will never cease calling your name during exam time. Ike is dragging your cloth.

Anyways, it is not bad to be an intelligent student.

smart is hot

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