Ten things to do if you want that boy to dump you, don’t miss number 10

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This list is dedicated to girls who are tired of their current boyfriend and want a break-up AF. You agree with me that you want to leave him but don’t want to break his heart and leave him in shatters. This list contains ten things to do if you want him to dump you himself.

1. Snoop around his phone always.


This is your number one move.

2. Forbid him from talking to any other girls.

3. Stalk him on social media and in real life.

4. Demand for something above his earnings.

5. Cry for no reason and everything.


6. Raise a pointless argument.

7. Show up uninvited.

8. Cook a very bad meal in the presence of his guys.

And blame it on the ingredients in the kitchen.

9. Make excuses for everything.

Ahh, I’m sorry, my phone refused to answer calls from MTN lines.

10. Get a life.

My sister, once he dumps you, you’re on your own.


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