Who is Andrew Knight – Suge Knight’s Son?

Andrew Knight is the son of American music business mogul and record executive Suge Knight – or so they say.

However, Andrew’s mother “Tia Rowe” made it clear that Suge Knight was his father and said he is free to use the last name Knight whenever he chooses.

Suge himself has not said anything concerning this matter, and in some cases, they say silence is also an answer, which means it may or may not be true. Nevertheless, we await Suge’s reply and hope the matter is cleared soon.

Profile summary

Full NameAndrew Knight (also known as Andrew Payan)
Father (allegedly)Suge Knight
Step-fatherEd Payan
MotherTia Rowe
SiblingsHalf-brother: Donavan Gold;
Step-siblingsTaj, Arion, Posh, Sosa, Bailey, Legend, Jacob Knight
Date of BirthNot disclosed
Sexual OrientationAndrew Knight is gay;

Andrew Knight Biography

Andrew Knight was born to his mother, Tia Rowe, in the United States. However, his date of birth remains a mystery to date.

As for his siblings, Andrew has a half-brother named Donavan Gold and seven step-siblings (by association with Suge) whose names are Taj, Arion, Posh, Sosa, Bailey, Legend, and Jacob Knight.

Also, information regarding his educational background is yet to be disclosed.

Who are Andrew Knight’s Parents?

Andrew Knight’s alleged parents are Suge Knight (father) and Tia Rowe (mother). It is unknown when the two started dating, but reports have it that it was a long time before her marriage to Ed Payan.

Rowe’s marriage to Ed Payan (Andrew’s stepfather) later ended when she filed for divorce after Payan was imprisoned for armed robbery.

Andrew also uses the last name Payan because it is said that his stepfather also took on the responsibility of raising him before going to prison.

Information about Tia Rowe is scarce, and very little is known about her background and activities.

On the other hand, Andrew’s alleged biological father “Suge Knight” was a record executive and the former boss and co-founder of the record label “Death Row Records.”

Suge is known for pioneering gangster rap in the 90s and was one of the brains behind the success of Tupac Shakur’s album “All Eyez On Me,” Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic,” and Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle.”

However, things went bad after Tupac died, when Suge started causing trouble for himself and the label “Death Row Records.”

Currently, Andrew’s father is serving a 28-year sentence because of a hit-and-run car incident that happened in 2015. He is eligible for parole in October of 2034.

Andrew Knight’s Theft Accusation

American actress, singer, and songwriter “Lindsay Lohan” once accused Andrew of stealing from their friend Sam Magid.

They were at a party at Magid’s house, and even though they were friends at the time, they pointed fingers at each other for taking watches and sunglasses valued at $100k.

TMZ reported that Andrew told the police that Lohan gave him a bag with stolen items, which he returned to Magid. Some things were still missing.

Lohan, who was on Ambien (a sedative used to treat Insomnia), said she hid items to keep them safe from burglars but couldn’t remember where.

Later, she blamed Andrew, but he denied it. The police seemed to trust Andrew’s story more, making Lindsay the main focus of their investigation.

Is Andrew Knight Gay?

Yes, Andrew Knight is Gay. He is currently in a relationship with his boyfriend “Darren Michael Young.” They have been seen together many times at events.

In 2018, Andrew and Darren tried to run away from paying their bills at a 2018 Lanai resort but failed.

Because of the stunt they tried to pull off, Andrew was placed on four years probation and made restitutions that cost about $5,000.

Still in 2018, an incident occurred when Andrew and his boyfriend “Darren Michael Young” were at a Karaoke bar in WeHo called “Blind Dragon.” While they were there, a man named Norman Theuerkorn, Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia May Jagger’s boyfriend, approached them. He complimented Andrew, describing him as beautiful while touching his leg.

However, both Andrew and Darren asked him to leave. After about 20 minutes, Theuerkorn returned and hit Darren on the head, causing him to fall to the ground. This resulted in a serious injury to Darren’s head, leading to internal bleeding that required brain surgery.

Where is Andrew Knight Now?

Andrew seems to be off the radar, and there has been no news of his latest activities. So it’s safe to say that the son of the former boss of “Death Row Records” has lived outside of the public eye.

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