Brejah Dolla Age, Biography, Mother, Net worth

Brejah Dolla is an American social media influencer rumored to be the daughter of Trina’s daughter (Katrina Laverne Taylor). Brejah made a buzz lately on the net, and it was due to the above-stated rumor.

The rumors began when Brejah posted a photo on the photo-sharing social media Instagram. The post was followed by a series of “heart on the eyes: emojis comments from Trina, who also follows Brejah on Instagram.

In this post, I will be writing about Brejah Dolla and pretty much any other fact about Brejah.

First, let’s look at her profile.

NameBrejah Dolla
Mother (unconfirmed) Trina
Net WorthUnknown
Relationship statusSingle

10 Facts about Brejah Dolla

Brejah Dolla is an American social media influencer with a large following on Instagram.

She is quite young, but her age is not yet revealed. She has a birthday dance party coming up in Atlanta.

Information concerning Brejah’s family background remains a mystery, however, she is also rumored to be the secret daughter of the Miami rapper and singer Trina.

Brejah Dolla age
Brejah Dolla

Her alleged mother, Trina, is known for dating high-profile celebrities like Lil Wayne, Kenyon Martin, and French Montana. She is currently in a relationship with the rapper Raymond Taylor. And it’s unclear if she had any children with the men she has dated.

Relationship rumors concerning Trina and Brejah took the Internet by storm, with people making serious assumptions about the two being family-related. However, both party has not cleared the air surrounding that rumor.

Moreover, Brejah Dolla has not shared her age yet. But she is probably in her 20s or 30s.

Concerning her birthday, it is still unknown, but she does have a dance party for her upcoming birthday in Atlanta.

Brejah Dolla’s net worth and financial details are not made public as of the moment of this post. However, her assumed mother, Trina, has a net worth of more than $6 Million.

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