Who Is Kayla Nichole, Famous YouTuber And Travis Kelce’s Ex

Presently, Travis Kelce isn’t married yet. However, he has had quite a fling with several women, one of whom happens to be Kayla Nicole.

Kayla Nicole is a prominent figure in the social media and entertainment industry, Popular for her dynamic career and impactful digital presence. However, the curiosity surrounding her identity has largely stemmed from the idea that she was once in a relationship with Travis Kelce.

Kayla Nicole is presently 32 years old. She is a model, a social media influencer, a content creator, and an on-air host, with a specialty based on journalistic works and a candid approach to gossip and glamour, but above all, her endeavors and impact she is best known as the long time girlfriend of Travis Kelce.

Kayla has been able to keep her life private following her separation from Travis Kelce, while she has comfortably stepped out of Travis’s life, “addressing it as both liberating and traumatizing. Currently, Kayla is single; here’s a look into the Life of Travis Kelce’s Ex.

Profile Summary

NameKayla Brown
Stage nameKayla Nicole
Date of Birth November 2, 1991
Age32 years old
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American
Profession Broadcasting and Hosting
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth 1 Million USD

Early Life

Born Kayla Brown on November 2, 1991, she is better recognized by her professional alias, Kayla Nicole.

Kayla grew up in the thronging city of Los Angeles, California, where her dreams and aspirations to be a journalist began.

Kayla took her first step in being accomplished after obtaining a degree in broadcast journalism from Pepperdine University in Malibu. She based her entire career span on the product of her degree, actively proliferating in the field of broadcast television and podcast

Hosting some of the hottest podcasts and shows, such as Heat Check, was how she made her money. However, she soon transitioned into modeling, winning beauty contests and pageantry like the Top 10 Miss CA in the USA.

While much of Kayla’s background isn’t known, she has stood as the very independent factor that had awakened her family name to fame; her career had served as the basis for fueling this factor to fruition.


Kayla Nicole began her media career as an assistant writer at Malibu Surfside News, a weekly community newspaper. This early role was what set the foundation for her later endeavors in the media and entertainment industry.

She has equally attested to her love for sport, a longing interest that had existed even before her encounter with Travis Kelce. Using her degree to penetrate through, Kayla combined her interest in sports with her educational degree, ultimately birthing the rise of endless gigs as a sports broadcaster.

Making her way onto the big screen, Kayla has served as an on-air host for ESPN and Barstool Sport. Kayla Nicole ventured into new grounds to further demonstrate her versatility; she worked at the CBS radio station 92.3. in 2015.

Her engagements with various media have further expressed her proficiency in broadcasting and on-air hosting. Kayla has worked extensively in sports media, contributing to the sector for many years, whether as a host at events or serving on the sidelines at an NBA game.

She has also served as an on-camera host for a range of platforms, including BET, Global Grind, NBA, HotNewHipHop, All Def Digital, and BallisLife.

It, however, doesn’t end there; in 2017, Kayla transitioned to entertainment news, as she was seen interviewing Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, this merely just underlines her diverse skills and adaptability in different media facets.

Online Presence

As a social media influencer, Kayla Nicole’s personal life is naturally more public than the average individual’s. Her interaction with her online community, particularly her decision to unfollow close friend Brittany Mahomes, has been noteworthy to her followers and has sparked public interest.

Brittany and Kayla were good friends in 2022. However, they had a sudden fallout which many speculated was caused by Brittany’s new friendship with Taylor Swift. Kayla clarified that this decision was made to protect herself and she hoped that others would respect it.

Nicole has always had to deal with the challenges of a digital persona, including facing online backlash, which often links to her past relationship with Kelce. Dealing with public opinion and scrutiny is a significant aspect of her life as an influencer, but such has failed to erode her position as a pungent influencer.

Kayla Nicole rose to fame as a social media influencer and content creator. She is particularly known for her YouTube channel “Nicole TV,” with 5.46 million subscribers, which she started on December 30, 2014.

Her YouTube channel “Nicole TV” encases a mixture of content, including beauty tutorials, humorous vlogs, and personal testimonials, which resonate with a broad audience.

Kayla Nicole has built a successful career as a model through her digital content creation. Although the extent of her modeling work is not detailed, we know that she was a runner-up for the Top 10 Miss CA USA. When she is not online, Kayla takes on a new role in front of the camera.

Personal Life – How did Nicole and Travis Kelce Meet?

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce met through a rather unconventional method, their form of courtship would, regardless, trail closely behind the standard in the digital age.

Specifically, their first exchanges took place on Instagram Travis Kelce, a professional NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs known as much for his on-field prowess as for his charismatic personality off the field, began the connection by following Kayla Nicole on Instagram. Engaging with her content, Kelce was “insta-flirting,”

Nicole had noticed Kelce’s persistent virtual advances, which she addressed in her Instagram stories, revealing that these interactions spanned several months.

Travis Kelce’s online trifling was effective in getting Nicole’s attention. The couple publicly acknowledged their relationship and began to make appearances together on each other’s social platforms and at public events.

The timeline of their relationship has some clarity, as they reportedly started dating in 2017. The couple had engaged in a rather chaotic relationship, and not long after they had begun dating, they both soon separated in August 2020 following fan speculations.

However, these speculations were affirmed when Nicole initially deleted pictures of the football maestro from her Instagram, the reason being that Travis had cheated on her. Kelce denied such, stating that it wasn’t the reason for their break up.

Come November that very year, Kelce and Nicole would hook up again, with Kelce affirming their get-together with the following words “she’s the best…she’s the Absolute best” during an Instagram Live with WNBA basketball player Chiney Ogwumike.

In 2022, the couple split up again, citing financial issues as the crux of their breakup, however, Barstool Sport pointed out that the cause for their split was that Kelce demanded a split in the payment of bills while they were dating.

Kelce and Nicole’s relationship was prominent on social media and in the public eye, with Kayla Nicole often attending Chiefs games and supporting Travis from the stands and through her social media platforms.

Their relationship, like many, went through ups and downs, enduring breaks and makeups over the years, with Sportskeeda noting they began their relationship after Kelce’s breakup with his previous girlfriend, Maya Benberry, whom he met on the reality dating show “Catching Kelce.”

Nicole and Kelce’s relationship continued for several years until they eventually split for good in 2022, as reported by various outlets, including StyleCaster, People, and Us Weekly.

NetWworth and Asset

With her varied career as a social media influencer, on-air host, model, and possibly more, Kayla Nicole’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million as of September 2023, indicating the financial success of her multifaceted career endeavors.

Coupled with that, Nicole has her own fitness brand, “tribe Therepe.” She was able to mold her experience in therapy into her line of work. She states that:

“It’s focusing on the mental health component of working out, which is really, really important for me and really resonates with me, and really just encouraging people to mentally take care of themselves…I think that when your mind is in a healthy place, your body will follow.”

Where Is Kayla Nicole Currently?

Kayla Nicole will continue to have a strong digital footprint and presumably remain active in content creation, modeling, hosting, and other media-related projects.

Her profile encapsulates her professional journey, highlighting her diverse talents spanning digital content creation, modeling, hosting, and possibly music. Her ability to adapt and thrive in the evolving digital landscape is a testament to her skills and determination.

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