Todd White Net Worth: How Rich is The Lifestyle Christianity Pastor?

Todd White is an American pastor, author, and evangelist, best known as the founder and President of Lifestyle Christianity University in Watauga, Texas.

His life took a profound turn as he transitioned from a former drug addict and atheist for 22 years to a devoted Christian.

Profile Summary

Net Worth $1 Million
Full NameTodd White
Age48 years old
Date of Birth May 24, 1975
Place of Birth Canada
MinistryLifestyle Christianity
OccupationPastor, Author, and Evangelist
Wife Sarah White
Children None

Net Worth

Todd White Of Lifestyle Christianity
Todd White (Facebook)

Todd White’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. According to Moneypromax, Todd earns $10k monthly and over $120k yearly.

As an accomplished author, he penned the book “Life is Short – Leave a Legacy (2020),” which is currently priced at $14.99 on the Christ for All Nations website.

It’s worth noting that the same book is available on Amazon for a slightly lower price, listed at $14.15.

Regarding his house, Todd White and his family reside in a house valued at $1.5 million.

This gives us a glimpse into his financial standing and the lifestyle he has established through his various endeavors, including his role as a pastor and author.


Some believe Todd White might use his church to get a lot of money from its members.

In 2015, his organization, Lifestyle Christianity, made around $1,521,776. About 40% of the donations were thought to go directly to Todd’s big salary.

Interestingly, the total money they got in 2014 was $496,407. So, Todd saw a huge increase in money from the year before—about 300% growth, as reported by Pirate Christian.

There are also talks about a mansion Todd White supposedly bought on Rich Street in Ionia for $1.5 million.

These money-related things have led to rumors and ideas that Todd might be doing something questionable with his church’s finances.

Remember, not everything you hear might be true, so it’s good to think carefully about these things.

Early Life

Todd White was born in Canada on May 24, 1975, but he holds American citizenship.

While his birthplace is in Canada, Todd White has become widely known as an American pastor, having undergone a significant transformation from a former drug addict and atheist to a prominent figure in the Christian community.

Despite his public presence, Todd White has kept private information about his parents, siblings, and educational background.


Todd White’s Lifestyle Christianity ministry commenced in 2014 as an evangelistic ministry.

Todd, the Founder and President, underwent a powerful salvation experience in 2004 that transformed him from a 22-year drug addict and atheist to a devoted Christian.

His journey from the brink of suicide to freedom became the foundation of his ministry.

Initially, Todd shared the Gospel of the Kingdom and the transformative power of Jesus Christ in his everyday life, witnessing numerous healings.

Encouraged by his pastor, “Dan Mohler,” Todd utilized the non-profit Neck Ministries to operate within a secure ministry framework.

However, as the ministry expanded, it became evident that Todd was being led to establish his ministry, and thus, Lifestyle Christianity was launched in 2014.

In January 2016, Lifestyle Christianity relocated its headquarters from Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The ministry, along with Power and Love Ministries, founded by “Tom Ruotolo,” united to enhance their evangelistic training efforts.

Power & Love Ministries, now an integral part of Lifestyle Christianity, offers three-day training intensives for individuals to gain hands-on experience sharing Christ’s love.

With a burning passion for people to embrace their God-given identity, Todd White and the Lifestyle Christianity Team travel worldwide.

Through various channels, including Power & Love, online and digital media, and Todd’s preaching schedule, the ministry equips thousands with the tools to reach the lost.

Personal Life

Todd White is married to his wife, Sarah White; however, the specific date of their marriage has not been shared with the public. Information about whether they have children remains unknown as well.

In 2022, Todd White opened up about a personal health matter, revealing his heart condition.

This condition restricts his heart’s pumping capacity. Despite these health considerations, Todd White remains dedicated to his spiritual journey, family life, and the mission of Lifestyle Christianity.

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