Cynthia Alksne Biography, Age, Husband, Net worth

Who is Cynthia Alksne?

Cynthia Alksne is a popular American career prosecutor and legal analyst and she is best known for her legal analysis on MSNBC. She is also an expert in the grand jury, criminal law, police investigations and for the record, she has tried more than fifty cases to verdict and has analyzed thousands more.

In this article, I would be writing on Cynthia Alksne biography, age, husband, Twitter, net worth, and other facts about her. First, let’s take a look at her profile below.

Profile summary

NameCynthia Alksne
Age64 years
Date of birthMay 19, 1959
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandSteve McMahon
Net worth$3million
Cynthia Alksne profile summary

Cynthia Alksne Biography

Cynthia Alksne was born on May 19, 1959, to Patti and Jon Alksne and she was raised in Richmond Virginia located in the United States of America. She was born with the Zodiac sign Taurus and her mom was active in the political scene. Cynthia’s mom and dad got divorced and her mom died a year after the demise of her son Ward in 2012.

Cynthia has a sister called Lorna whom she is older than by 5 or 6 years. Lorna is the presiding judge of the San Diego court. She also has her own personal website where she posts on political related issues.

Cynthia Alksne
Cynthia Alksne

Cynthia Alksne Career

Cynthia worked with the United States Department of Justice as a prosecutor in the Civil Rights division and she also worked as an Assistant US Attorney for Eric Holder, the former Attorney General in the Attorney’s office in Washington.

Cynthia Alksne Education

Cynthia is a well-educated prosecutor and there is no information on the high school she attended but she studies at The University of San Diego and George Washington University. Cynthia has had over 30 years of experience in the legal field and during those years, she is said to have tried more than 50 cases, handled several complex crime-scene and criminal investigations, and negotiated pleas involving numerous defendants.

Cynthia brings her expertise to MSNBC and she makes it easier for viewers to understand how cases are being tried, evaluated, and prosecuted thereby making viewers conversant with the discussion.

Cynthia Alksne Husband

Cynthia Alksne is married to Steve McMahon and he is an attorney and co-founder of Purple Strategies LLC and the media consulting firm Trippi McMahon and Squier which is now known as McMahon Squier and associates which he founded after leaving Squier/Eskew Communications. Before moving to establish his own company, he worked as an assistant press secretary for Senator Edward M. Kennedy in 1982 and he was also the acting chief strategist for Howard Dean during his presidential campaign.

Cynthia Alksne Daughters

Cynthia is a mother of four daughters and all of them are grown up.

Cynthia Alksne Twitter

Cynthia is very active on Twitter and her Twitter account @CynthiaAlksne has amassed more than 39k followers.

Cynthia Alksne Net worth

Cynthia is well experienced in the legal field and over time, she has worked in a lot of places. Her estimated net worth is $3million and this includes her assets, money, and income which she has amassed over the years.

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