How much is Tomi Adeyemi Net Worth

Who is Tomi Adeyemi?

Tomi Adeyemi is a renowned American writer of Nigerian descent. She was born on August 1, 1993, in the United States by Nigerian parents who migrated from Nigeria to the US in search of a better livelihood. Her father who was a physician in Nigeria worked as a taxi driver in the US. Her mother worked as a cleaning woman. The creative writer, Tomi lives in San Diego, California. She is the author of the popular best-selling book, Children of Blood and Bone, which is described as a cross between Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Yoruba gods. The best-seller author was listed in Time’s most 100 influential people in 2020 in an article written by John Boyega. Her first novel was written during her childhood days when she was 5. In this post, we will be looking at Tomi Adeyemi’s net worth, and how much she made from her books.

Tomi Adeyemi Net worth

She has an impressive net worth. Tomi is worth $20 million and achieved the feat of selling her New York Best Seller to Summit Entertainment before she graduated from college. Her website was mentioned as one of the 101 best websites for writers by Writer’s Digest. Good morning America (GMA) book club featured Tomi in December 2019 concerning the bestseller novel, The Children of Blood and Bone.

The Children of Blood and Bone was acquired by Fox 2000 Pictures. A deal that ran in near seven figures. described the deal as one of the biggest YA debut novel publishing deals ever. That same novel earned her international traction and landed her a spot at Time’s 100 most influential people of 2020 in an article written by John Boyega. The star wars actor described Tomi as the god of ideas. His exact words were;

Tomi is the god of ideas. She’s inspiring a lot of young people to write. She creates the very world that we as actors get to play in. And the big-screen adaptation will hire a lot of people and bring more representation to our industry, all that comes directly from Tomi’s imagination. She is going to be very powerful when it comes to bringing stories and ideas to the forefront.

Tomi Adeyemi
Tomi Adeyemi

Adeyemi’s book was recruited up by Disney in 2019.

We expect a movie remake in which “This Is Us” writer Kay Oyegun will work on the screenplay and Star Wars producer, Kathleen Kennedy and Rick Famuyiwa are set to direct the movie.

Let’s take a look at Tomi’s bio.

Tomi Adeyemi Biography

Tomi Adeyemi was born on August 1, 1993, in the United States. Her parents moved to the United States in the 1990s. She qualified for Hinsdale Central High School Foundation’s scholarship program in 2008 and got admitted to the school. She Tomi also received the Rani Sharma scholarship during her final year in high school. After which she gained admission from Harvard University and graduated from the prestigious university with a degree in English Literature. Tomi later moved to Salvador, Brazil, where she studied West African mythology and culture.

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She wasn’t exposed to her native culture during her childhood, but she grew to appreciate it and drew inspiration from it for the Children of Blood and Bone fictional book. She is the sister of Tobi Adeyemi, a California-based rapper popularly known as Tobi Lou. When Tomi’s not writing a novel or watching Seventeen and BTS music videos, she is coaching on creative writing on her website, through digital workshops, or via her online masterclass – The Writer’s Roadmap.

For her marital status. For those who are curious to know Tomi Adeyemi’s husband, let me break it to you. She is not married yet. However, it is possible that a woman of her age, 27 years old (2020), is in a relationship, but she rather keeps it private.

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