Sandra Iheuwa Biography – career and Net worth

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This article takes a deep look at Sandra Iheuwa’s biography and a bunch of everything you need to know about her. Sandra Iheuwa is a serial Nigerian entrepreneur who came into limelight after alleging that Ubi Franklin was responsible for her pregnancy.

Sandra Iheuwa Biography

Currently, there is no public info on Sandra Iheuwa’s early life, but we are sure she hails from an Igbo tribe. A tribe dominant in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. Sandra Iheuwa is based in the United States of America, but a Nigerian born entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is like almost every other successful business person out there having a story to tell on how they grew their empire. For Sandra, she built her business empire with an initial capital of just ₦18,000.

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Sandra Iheuwa Career

Sandra Iheuwa currently has about 5 companies to her name. She owns a clothing company, a restaurant, a jewelry company, and a hair making company. To add to the generous character she owns a non-profit charity organization.

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Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra Iheuwa Relationship

Sandra is not married but she is alleged to be with a Music Executive, Ubi Franklin, her boyfriend. She is his 4th baby mama and had her baby delivered in Boston, United States of America. A twitter user, Oluwafisayo admits that Sandra Iheuwa was already engaged to be married to another man meanwhile she got pregnant for Music Executive, Ubi franklin.

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Sandra Iheuwa Net Worth

Sandra Iheuwa is a Nigerian mega-entrepreneur with a diverse source of income. Sandra Iheuwa is currently worth an estimated $200,000.


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  1. Sandra was never engaged to anyone confirm your stories before you write rubbish and she is not worth $200,000 she is worth more than that

    1. @Ruby Young, Sandra Iheuwa gave birth to the fourth child of Ubi Franklin. Confirm from other reliable websites, if you may.

      Her net worth is an estimated one.