Shatta Bandle Biography, Real Name, Age, Net worth

You must have heard of or seen a video of one Ghanaian midget called Shatta Bandle bragging on social media about his wealth and querying, “Who is Shatta Bandle.” That’s why you decided to look up Shatta Bandle and know more about him, his real and the source of income he lavishes.

You’ve landed at the right place because we have a fascinating Biography of Shatta Bandle, his real name, source of income, and some other facts about Shatta Bandle that you wish to know about the Ghanaian minute braggart.

Shatta Bandle came to the limelight through a series of videos on the internet where he bragged about being richer than the richest African man – Aliko Dangote and even Bill Gates. People found the exhibitionist entertaining due to his self-confidence (although backed up by the money he has) despite his Lilliputian build-up.

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Shatta Bandle Biography

Shatta Bandle is a northern Ghanaian who hails from a small village called Karaga in Ghana. Bandle was coined from the bundles of money he lavishes in his videos. He also calls himself “Young young rich nigga” as a second aka. Shatta Bandle was born on 4 September 1983, he is 40 years old. Shatta Bandle, the Ghanaian midget’s real name is Idris Firdaus. As we stated earlier, he is popularly known as Shatta Bandle due to the bundles of cash he throws around in videos – video money. The “Shatta” in his name can be traced to his scattered dentition.

Shatta Bandle Age

It is safe to say that the childlike man is above 25 if not 30. Also, Shatta Bandle has, on numerous occasions, dodged questions relating to his age and made jokes about it. Confirming from several reliable sources, Shatta Bandle is 40 years old. He was born on 6th September 1983.

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Shatta Bandle Education

Shatta Bandle is not fluent in English, you know that, but he already mastered his native language – Hausa. Shatta Bandle has no formal educational background, and he is unconcerned about what you think. According to him, education does not add to the life he is enjoying now.

Shatta bandle audio money

Shatta Bandle Net worth

At the moment, Shatta Bandle’s net worth is not calculated. Forget about all the bragging on the internet, the young man has no net worth. Shatta Bandle says his net worth is over $70 million, but that is just a good example of “Audio Money”. Little wonder he was featured in a song titled “Audio Money” by Psquare.

This is one of his recorded sources of income. It will shock you to know that Shatta Bandle is one of the small boys of one Ghanaian business mogul – Nana Kojo Boateng – a multi-millionaire in real estate development.

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Nana Kojo Boateng, aka Dada Joe Remix, is the real owner of the cars, gold chains, and expensive houses Shatta Bandle has been flaunting on the internet. Well, he has access to those mansions and cars so you can attribute it to him. Shatta Bandle has been on the news lately after he purchased an expensive car for his bodyguard, as shown in a video he posted on the internet.

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