Opay – Otrike, how to use Otrike – a detailed guide

Otrike is a new transportation service by Opay and it is already crawling every nuke and cranny in Nigeria. With Otrike by Opay, you can order a tri-cycle or Keke-napep ride, whichever name you want to call the three-wheeled motor. Using Otrike by Opay to order a ride is not rocket science but we understand that new users will require a little bit of guide, so We’ll show you how to use Otrike to order a ride anywhere in Nigeria.

This is a follow-up on an article previously written to target Otrike users in Aba, but since the service has a wider reach and the usage is similar, we decided to craft this piece.

Otrike is one of the services in the list of life solutions provided by Opay, a payment platform.

Opay operated by Paycom offers digital payment solutions such as online recharge, money transfer, online bill payment. In order to introduce an everyday service, Opay also has a food delivery service, Ofood and then Otrike and Oride. Otrike is included in the list of services Opay offers, just like Oride, depending on your geographical location.

Opay has been around for more than you think, although they operated under Paycom. It has launched Otrike in the city of Aba, Kaduna, Uyo and already Otrike drivers are crawling every nuke and cranny of those cities – more cities are expected to be added. All it requires is some paper signing and gathering some geographical data.

Otrike is comfortable for the middle-class Nigerians and above due to what it takes to use the service. Otrike services requires an Internet connection, technology-know-how and a compatible smartphone which the lower class in Nigerians won’t be able to yield.

How to Use Otrike


How to sign-up for Opay

To use Otrike to order a ride in, you have to download the Opay application fand then signup. You can get the application from app stores – Apple Store and Play store. After downloading and installing the Opay app, you proceed to signing up for an Opay account. You sign up with an email address and a phone number. You sure need an active phone number because you’ll need it for each ride.

Input your email address and phone number where necessary on the sign-up page, you’ll get an OTP (One-time password) to confirm your phone number and also a confirmation link will be sent to your email address for verification purpose. After you’ve signed up, the next thing to do is to fund your Opay wallet. As previously mentioned Opay is a payment company, so the funds in your Opay wallet can be used for several purposes aside using Otrike – buying recharge card, paying bills, etc.

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How to fund Opay wallet.

To fund your Opay wallet you either transfer money to your Opay wallet or fund using your ATM card to pay. I recommend transferring money to your Opay wallet because it is the easiest of all methods. To transfer money to your Opay account is just like transferring money to any other bank account.

Simply Get your account number from the Opay application, via the top-up balance option on the front page of the Opay app. After which you either walk to the bank to make a deposit or use your mobile banking app to transfer a choice amount.

Note: Your account name in Opay is the name you used while signing up for your Opay account and your account number is your phone without the first zero (as understood during most transactions). However, all the information you need to fund your account is available in the Opay app.

Using ATM card to fund your Opay account is easy except you’ll have to get an OTP. For users who have issues of receiving an OTP from their bank, this process won’t work. Hence, it is best to use the above-illustrated method. If you have a green light on using ATM card to fund Opay wallet, you can go for it. The process is simple, you only need to input your card details, card CVV and the amount you want to top-up, then you input the OTP after you must have received it from your bank – boom – your balance is funded.

How to order a ride using Otrike/Opay

Launch your Opay application and input your passcode. On the first screen choose Otrike or any service that is available in your region, after which you’ll be taken to a map screen. The application automatically sets your current location as the pick-up point. Verify that the pick-up location is accurate to avoid complications of misleading your ride. You can also drag and drop the map pin to your current location. Opay applications still need some calibrating to make the map ready more convienient, hoping it gets better and easier. After verifying and selecting your pick-up point, you can now select your destination by typing it in.

You can type in the destination address if you know it – typing in a popular business or a landmark close to your destination works too. However, if you’re not too sure of your destination, there’s a workaround to get what Opay has in its database for your database.

Go back to the step where you select a pick-up point and use the map to find your destination’s address. You do that by dragging the map till the red-pin drops on your destination – you need to understand the map to use Otrike efficiently. When you get the pin on your destination’s address, copy out the address as it is written, then revert to using your current location as the pick-up location.

After you must have chosen a destination address, you move to select which type of service you want – Single person, charter, two persons. After selecting the type of service (Charter, two persons, or single ride), you can proceed to order for your ride. Otrike algorithm chooses the nearest driver to you to make the arrival faster, the driver-selection process takes less than two minutes. When a driver accepts your ride, you wait till he or she arrives. By my experience, the driver or ride takes less than 5 minutes to arrive.

On your driver’s approach or arrival, the application sends a notification timely. Subsequently, your driver will call to confirm your order and location. Your driver arrives in a tri-cycle with Otrike branding or jacket. You confirm he is the driver, you get in and the ride begins.

When you get to your destination, the driver initiates the payment, only then will you see the option to pay after the driver has confirmed that you have arrived at your destination via his application. A pop comes up to giving you an option to pay. Then you simply click on pay and everyone goes home happy.

Known Opay Office Location

Opay services such as Otrike are expanded through agents Nationwide. There are agents close to your location, you just have to call their Opay helpline – 018885040, for guidance.

However, Opay headquarters in Nigeria is located at Plot 8 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Central Business District,100212, Ikeja, Lagos.

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