Fraudsters disguised as Opay agents in Whatsapp group exposed

On September 18, a young Nigerian, Gbenga, exposed a WhatsApp group operated by scammers operating as OPay agents to dupe innocent unsuspecting citizens.

OPay payment platform is speedily gaining ground in Nigeria as well as its extended service- Otrike, Oride, and Ofood. This makes them the best guise for scammers who look to take advantage of the Company’s infancy as many Nigerian are aware of the brand but are not grounded on what Opay is all about.

Two Nigerians identified as Edwin Adebayo and Nelson according to chat screenshots created a money-doubling Whatsapp group disguised as Opay agent. They invited several Nigerians into the Whatsapp group where only them, the admins, can send a message.

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According to the Gbenga, one of the scammers, Edwin Adebayo reached out to him as an Opay agent for the money-doubling business. Gbenga gave him some information including the Bank account number. It didn’t take long, another scammer, Nelson (a guise name) jumped into Gbenga’s message box, pretending to be a GTbank investment agent – does that even exist?

Fraudsters disguised as Opay agents in Whatsapp group exposed.

Edwin’s face is included in the last tweet image.

Then Nelson came to shoot his shot.

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