Five types of Nigerians using Otrike – Opay

Nicki minaj

Otrike, transport service by OPay has become very popular in Nigeria and Nigerians seem to have adopted Otrike but not without exhibiting various noticeable traits and characters while using it.

There are Nigerians that don’t know how to use the app.

ignorant man

Some Nigerians find it herculean to navigate the applications owning to the fact that there is no pre-written guide. If you fall into this category, Thrill NG has a guide for you here.

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Some Nigerians are weirdly skeptical.


It’s okay to doubt what you are not sure of but prejudging it by your skeptics is weird. Many Nigerians pre-assume that kidnappers may compromise the service.

Some sit inside Otrike as if they’ve made it in life.


Nicki minaj

For some Nigerians, It is not easy to order a Keke-napep and seat alone, let’s enjoy while the promo lasts, mbok.

The ones that have the app but haven’t used it in since installation.

confused man

I don’t know what these ones are waiting for. The ride will not come to you because you have the app installed, use it. Two months ago, one sister asked me to share the app with her, I did. Till now that same sister has not created her OPay account. How?

The ones that make noise after using otrike.


You won’t hear ourselves once these ones alight from an Otrike ride. They must make sure it registers in everybody each time they use Otrike.


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