Tyler Hoover (Hoovies Garage) Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Youtube, Net worth

Tyler Hoover 1

Who is Tyler Hoover?

Tyler Hoover is a Youtube content creator who runs the YouTube channel, Hoovies Garage. He does suicidal car purchases and maintains a fleet of cars he calls Hooptie Fleet. Tyler’s videos are on cheap cars and the majority of his videos are shot from a garage.

This article will be writing about Tyler Hoover’s biography, age, nationality, family, youtube, net worth, and other facts about him. First, let’s take a look at his profile below.

NameTyler Hoover
Date of BirthUnknown
OccupationContent Creator

Tyler Hoover Biography

Tyler Hoover was born in 1987 in Wichita Kansas, in the United States, and spent most of his childhood there. Tyler Hoover attended Andover High School thereafter, he proceeded to Wichita State University where he graduated with a degree in Political Science and Government.

Tyler Hoover
Tyler Hoover

Before starting his channel, Tyler Hoover was working for FFC Midwest as an opening coordinator and Operations Support person. He started his Hoovies Garage on September 8, 2016, and the channel currently has over 1million subscribers and over 200million views within the space of five(5) years. He opened a company named Ad Astra Automotive which he shut down after his business became expensive to maintain. Tyler runs a reality show that buys old cars from anywhere in the U.S and drives it to Wichita with Brandon from Bright Bay company, in addition, he is also an automotive writer for AutoTrader and The Star Magazine.

Tyler Hoover YouTube

Tyler Hoover started a Youtube Channel after leaving his previous work in FFC Midwest, and the channel has become one of the best Car dealership companies in the USA. The company focuses on car reviews of different brands of car-like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, and Maybach.

Tyler Hoover Family

Tyler Hoover is husband to Anh Nguyen whom he weeded in 2019, and a dad to a daughter whose name is not made public.

Tyler Hoover Net worth

Tyler Hoover is a famous car dealer and his estimated Net worth is $1.5million with most of his earnings coming from his Youtube channel and reality TV Show. His Networth would increase as the number of subscribers to his channel increases.


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